Reese's "Thins" That Are 40 Percent Less Thick Are Coming Soon

This Halloween may be the last time your Reese's stash will be truly safe from being compromised, my friends, because according to candy rumors (XOXO, Chocolate Girl), Reese's Thins are coming in 2019 — a new version of your beloved Reese's cup that is 40 percent less thick. Per INSIDER, Hershey announced the plans for the new version, which it has plans to debut in March, to investors in a phone call on Oct. 25. Reportedly, Hershey North America President Michele G. Buck said on the call that they would "appeal to those consumers who want something sweet with more permissibility". (Bustle has reached out to Hershey for comment about the Reese's Thins, and will update upon response.)

Perhaps the the more intriguing bit of news is that this new Reese's Thin will come in both milk and dark chocolate, extending the range a bit further for fans of the dark chocolate/peanut butter combo (although it's worth noting that Reese's has definitely dabbled in dark chocolate, and continues to, even if I find the taste of it emotionally confusing to my '90s kid tongue). Little else is known about the product, so for now you'll just have to use your imagination. In order to aid you, I have come up with this handy list of pros and cons.

Pros: These will be much easier to slide into a s'more; you can, perhaps, sneak these into a movie theater with an ounce more subtlety; the new ratio of chocolate to peanut butter might actually be worth exploring, depending on how it shakes out.

Cons: This is not the full-size Reese's of your youth, and nothing will ever make it so.

Reese's, of course, is far from the only candy brand to introduce a "thin" version of its product; Oreo Thins are now so widely distributed that they come in more flavors than even the biggest cookie devotees can keep track of, from pistachio to coconut to salted caramel (WOW, did I just make myself hungry). Similarly, Pop-Tarts Crisps are hitting shelves in December 2018, both in Strawberrylicious and Brown Sugar Cinnamazing flavors. Even Wheat Thins, which is already thin, introduced an "Even Thinner Wheat Thins" to the market a few years back, which I refuse to acknowledge as anything other than "Wheat Thin Thins". Basically, all the snacks from your childhood come in flattened versions now, whether you asked for it or not.

Aside from this new product launch, Reese's has also been busy with a new spin on the classic candy in the past few months. The launch of the Reese's Outrageous bar, a milk chocolate bar filled with caramel and peanut butter and further stuffed with Reese's Pieces candy, inspired collaborations with both Dairy Queen and Krispy Kreme in August. (While I did not get a chance to sample the Blizzard, I can confirm that the the Krispy Kreme Reese's Outrageous Doughnut was so delicious I want it served at my funeral.) Basically, 2018 was a busy year for Reese's, and 2019 might prove to be an even busier one — or, at the very least, a 40 percent less thick one.