Republicans Are Having More Sex Than Democrats, Survey Finds

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It can sometimes feel like republicans and democrats don't agree on anything — from guns to health care to whether or not women should be able to control their own damn bodies. It can feel like we're an incredibly divided and partisan nation, with a lot of issues tearing us apart right now. But there is one republican and democratic divide that I didn't see coming. Turns out, republicans are having more sex than democrats — and that's not the only difference happening in the bedroom.

According to the 2018 SKYN Condoms Millennial Sex Survey, which looked at almost 4,000 people ages 19-36, republicans are having more sex than democrats — 77 percent of republicans are doing it at least once a week, while only 68 percent of democrats can say the same. There are a lot of jokes that could be made about donkeys and elephants here, but let's stick to the facts.

Politics and sex used to be considered two totally separate arenas, so much so that people wouldn't even talk about sex on a first date. But all that's changed now. "In 2017 we saw the biggest increase in the intersection of politics and dating — both within the OkCupid ecosystem and beyond," Melissa Hobley, CMO of OkCupid, tells Bustle. "Politics went from being a 'dealbreaker' to a 'dealmaker' — with daters saying that their own personal views and those of their potential dates mattered more than ever before." It makes sense, because a political affiliation can be so telling about a person, so why wouldn't you discuss it on a date?

In fact, it may be useful — because sexual frequency wasn't the only difference between the two parties in the bedroom. From satisfaction to safety, red and blue seem to have different attitudes toward what happens in between the sheets. Here's what else the survey found.


Democrats Have The Safest Sex

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They might not be having the most sex, but democrats got this crucial part of sexual health right. Sixty-six percent said they always use a condom, which was not only more than republicans — at 60 percent — but also more than libertarians at 58 percent, and people who are apolitical, only 51 percent of whom use a condom.


Republicans Have The Most Sexual Confidence

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If our president is setting a model for undeserved confidence, the rest of his party is following suit. Seventy-three percent said that they "amazing" or "very good" in bed. But it's not just republicans who are big in their boots, 67 percent of democrats, 66 percent of independents, and 65 percent of libertarians said the same.


Republicans Are The Most Satisfied With Their Sex Lives

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A whopping 79 percent of republicans said they were ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ with their sex lives, but only to 72 percent of democrats said the same. It's no surprise in a way. If that many people are convinced they're amazing in bed, there's no wonder they're enjoying their sex lives.


Republicans Sext The Most

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It shouldn't be a shock that the politically-inlined love a good sext — we've had the scandals to prove it. But, once again, republicans come out on top. Over half of republicans — 54 percent — said that they sext at least once a week. Forty-five percent of democrats, 39 percent of libertarians, and 37 percent of independents said the same. Just don't accidentally tweet them, OK?

There's a lot in our country that divides the political parties, but I have a feeling these survey results could go straight to a certain commander in chief's head. I'll just say this: people saying they're great in bed isn't the same as them being great in bed. Just going to leave that there.