Reviewers Love The Crap Out Of These 39 Cheap Things On Amazon They Use Every Day


A product can be swimming in positive ad copy, but all of the ads in the world don't come close to real reviews written by real customers who have actually tried a product. Reviewers love the crap out of these 39 cheap things on Amazon they use every day — and what they have to say about these items just might make you a believer.

All of the brilliant products on this list have made enough of an impression on buyers to inspire them to stop what they're doing and pen a review that shares why they love them. Some of these items have hundreds of reviews, while others boast thousands — but they all share one more thing in common: they're highly affordable products that you can (and will) want to use every day.

For some, a must-have product might be a tech gadget that makes life easier, like an adjustable phone stand for hands-free viewing. Others may prefer grooming tools like a skin-soothing jade roller or an anti-fungal body soap. And, for others, kitchen gadgets like a magnetic knife bar or a popcorn maker that whips up your favorite snack in just a few minutes are clear-cut winners.

Whatever you need, you'll find it on this list for cheap — and with an impressive number of reviews that back up its brilliance.

1. A Water Bottle That Does Double Duty As A Personal Mister

When temperatures soar and you're really hot, you can hydrate yourself from within and on the outside with this multi-tasking water and misting bottle, which has a leak-proof top and a mist feature to instantly cool you down. The bottle fits perfectly in most bike cages, has a built-in carry loop, and comes in five colors.

2. This Screen Protector That Keeps You From Dropping Your Phone

Protect your fragile phone screen and keep your phone firm in your grip with this screen protector, designed with a finger strap that stays firmly in place. The protector is compatible with all phones, as well as tablets and e-readers (because it can hold a device up to 1.5 pounds).

3. The Bicycle Bag To Stash Your Necessities While You Ride

Riding your bike with a bulky wallet and keys in your pocket is the opposite of comfortable. This compact, zippered bicycle bag provides the perfect spot to stash those necessities while you ride. The saddle bag connects under your bike top tube and has adjustable Velcro straps that ensure a perfect, secure fit. It's made from water-resistant polyester and comes in five colors.

4. An Outdoor And Indoor Bluetooth Speaker With Crystal Clear Sound

Listen to music and podcasts via any device with this wireless Bluetooth speaker, which is safe to use both outdoors and indoors. The compact speaker works for five to six hours before requiring a charge, and it has a sturdy carabiner clip so you can hang it from your backpack or bike. Choose among four colors: blue, black, yellow, or red.

5. The Trio Of Tea Infusers For Actual Tea Parties With Friends

Tea infusers are usually sold separately, making the process of steeping loose leaf tea a solo act. But what if you genuinely want to share your tea time with others? That's when this amazing trio of tea infusers becomes a must-have set. It includes one large and two single cup infusers, all of which are made from quality stainless steel — and include a metal scoop with a convenient clip.

6. This Strong Mop And Broom Holder That Keeps Cleaning Supplies Off Floors

If the idea of placing dusty, dirty brooms and mops right back on the floor for storage sounds unappealing, solve this dilemma in the simplest way possible: by mounting this broom holder to a wall and using it to store up to 11 cleaning tools at a time. The holder features five ball slots and six hooks that hold onto brooms, mops, smaller cleaning accessories, and even items like bags.

7. A Clutter-Reducing Wall Outlet With Charging Ports

Reduce clutter and keep charging cables and wires connected to one spot with this wall charger, which feature three surge protected outlets and two USB charging ports in one compact charger. The folding wall plug makes this easy to store or put away.

8. The Sleek Magnetic Knife Bar Alternative To Cutlery Blocks That Saves Counter Space

Free up counter space in a major way by trading in your old-fashioned wooden knife block for this sleek, modern knife bar, a mountable alternative that features strong magnets that hold knives in place. Since you won't be limited by the size of a knife block's slots, this bar may actually hold more knives and other steel cooking tools than your old block.

9. An Inflatable Foot Rest Pillow For Extreme Comfort When You Travel

Whether you're traveling by plane, train, or car, there's always a way to make that time spent cramped in one place a whole lot more comfy: starting with this inflatable foot pillow. Best of all, it doesn't require a pump and inflates and deflates in just seconds. Use it as a traditional pillow or to support your feet or back — and then store it in its carrying case for easy portability.

10. A Fool-Proof Way To Pop Perfect Popcorn Each Time

If your popcorn isn't perfectly popped, it's pretty much useless — which is why it makes sense to rely on this popcorn maker to serve up amazing popcorn in just three minutes. The silicone maker, which comes with a lid, yields up to 4 cups of popcorn and doesn't require a drop of oil or butter.

11. This Soothing Himalayan Salt Candle Holder

Make any room glow with the soothing amber light emitted from this Himalayan salt candle holder. The pink salt candle holder holds tea light candles in places and releases negative ions that help purify the air around you.

12. An Adjustable Cell Phone Stand For Hands-Free Viewing

Enjoy a hands-free cell phone experience that makes it a lot more enjoyable to scroll and watch movies or TV shows — if you place your device on this durable cell phone stand. The stand is completely adjustable so you'll always find the perfect viewing angle, it comes in gray or black, and is compatible with most phones (and even the iPad Mini).

13. This Over-The-Door Hanging Organizer For When You're Short On Storage Space

Is there ever truly enough storage space in any home or office? This over-the-door hanging organizer features four roomy pockets where you can stash anything from diapers to magazines. It hangs on hooks from any standard door or closet rod without requiring hardware or complex installation and it comes in two colors: gray or beige.

14. The Therapeutic Rolling Foot Massager You Can Take Anywhere

Help fatigued, achy feet — or feet suffering from a painful condition like plantar fasciitis — find immediate and therapeutic relief with the help of this dual foot massage roller. The portable roller is made from quality wood and has 10 independent texturized rollers that boost your circulation and knead away aches and pains. One reviewer writes: "After just one day with this under my desk at work, I feel a huge difference. My feet no longer feel tight and painful. They feel tingly- in a good way. I look forward to being able to go for a walk & not have to rest along the way."

15. A Tangle-Free Way To Wrap And Store Cords

Wrap your headphone cords (or any other cords you want to store) around this cord wrap, a sweet clip-on accessory that holds cords in place so that they don't get tangled. The cord storage clip conveniently clips onto key chains or book bags and it comes in orange, black, white, or pink.

16. An Adhesive Razor Holder For Your Shower

This pack of two razor holders safely adhere to shower tile without the need to install them and were designed with slots that hold razors upright — which creates less mess in your shower. If you can't find the need for two razor holders, never fear: they double as useful hooks that hold anything from a set of keys to brushes and umbrellas.

17. This Natural Antibacterial And Anti-Fungal Soap For Your Body

Wash away and prevent fungus and bacteria from irritating your skin with this natural anti-fungal soap for your body. The formula is made with tea tree oil, mint, and aloe and keeps yeast infections, odors, and conditions like athlete's foot at bay. It's even effective against dry skin and acne.

18. The Aromatherapy Diffuser And Humidifier For Your Car

You spend a lot of time in your car — why shouldn't the air you breathe be clean and soothing? This car diffuser and humidifier runs via a USB cable and can be used as both a humidifier to add moisture to dry air and as an essential oil diffuser. It even features seven color-changing LED lights to set the mood while you drive.

19. An Exfoliating And Cleansing Pad Made Just For Your Feet

Finding it difficult to wash your feet in the shower? Allow this exfoliating scrubbing pad for feet to do the hard work for you. The pad suctions to the floor of your shower or bath and boasts 1,500 massaging fingers that boost circulation and help slough away dead skin and soften tough calluses.

20. A Set Of Stick-On Lights For Dark Closets And Corners

No need to hire an electrician and drag new wiring into a dark space — these stick-on LED lights can be placed in dark closets, hallways, and corners and have helpful motion sensors that turn them on when motion is detected. The lights stay on with double-sided adhesive pads and go off after 15 to 30 seconds of no movement — saving you money on your electric bill.

21. This Multi-Functional Car Duster With A Washable Pad

True to its name, this multi-functional car duster absorbs water, dust, and debris from the inside of your car so that it stays clean and polished between car washes. The compact, handheld tool is equally great at brushing off crumbs and dust from keyboards, counters, and other spaces and you'll find yourself relying on it daily. It has a removable, washable pad and comes in gray or silver.

22. An All-Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray Made With Essential Oils

Combat foot and shoe odors, or just use this natural shoe deodorizer to safely freshen stale air without adding a single nasty chemical to your space. This spray is made with a blend of effective essential oils that combat bacteria and odors and reviewers rave about how well it works — even on tougher jobs like work boots or athletic shoes.

23. These Powerful Suction Cup Hooks So You Can Organize Your Life

They look small and unassuming, but this pack of six sturdy suction cup hooks retain a firm grip on items and won't let go. The hooks suction onto surfaces like glass and tile without tools and are strong enough to hold onto towels, scarves, sponges, loofahs, and more.

24. The Steel Wool Scrubbing Pads That Clean And Remove Grease

Clean pots, pans, and dishes without scratching fragile surfaces with these steel wool soap pads, which effectively clean and scrub at the same time. The pack comes with 15 pads that remove grease and rust — and can also be used on surfaces like tires and car windshields.

25. A Convenient Set Of Wallet Holders For Your Car Documents

Cramming car registration and insurance forms into your car's glove compartment and hoping you'll find them later is no way to handle these important documents. This set of two document wallet holders are thin and have visors so you can see what you place inside of them. They close with Velcro and are made from water-resistant vinyl.

26. This Cooling Jade Roller That Soothes Tired Skin

Relieve puffy, tired skin with this cooling facial jade roller, which offers a soothing massage that boosts circulation and can help calm skin and relieve inflammation and dark under-eye circles. One reviewer writes: "The ATAHANA Jade roller has been a wonderful new addition to my nightly skincare routine. I started using it as soon as I got it and it’s only been a few days and I’m already seeing a difference on my face. I use it to distribute my night serum and to be honest I wake up with a morning glow before I even wash my face in the AM."

27. The Perfect Light To Make Indoor Plants Grow And Thrive

Your indoor plants will grow and thrive, even if you don't have access to windows or a secure source of outdoor light — with these LED grow lights that feature three light heads on a flexible, adjustable gooseneck body. They perfectly replicate outdoor light and feature a programmable timer (perfect when you're on vacation). The handy clip-on feature stays in place on desks and other surfaces.

28. An Exfoliating Pumice Stone With Two Coarseness Levels For Smoother Skin

Maybe your feet or rough, callused skin need just a bit of exfoliation one day — and require a whole lot more attention on another day. This two-in-one pumice stone takes care of all of your dry skin needs, thanks to its two sides: the purple side is extra-coarse and the lavender side provides medium coarseness.

29. A Magnetic Cloud That Holds Your Keys And Looks Cute Doing It

Hang your keys by a cloud — this adorable and functional magnetic cloud key holder keeps keys perfectly in place using nothing more than powerful magnets. Mount it anywhere with its adhesive backing and use it to hold and store keys and other steel objects.

30. The Car Trash Can That Keeps Your Ride Clean And Clutter-Free

It doesn't take long for clutter and trash to pile up in your car — but it's easy to keep your ride clean with this handy car trash can. The can attaches to your console and has a secure lid with a spill-free vinyl lining. It was also designed with three exterior mesh pockets that can be used to store items.

31. This Wearable Cell Phone Holder And Stand

It would be difficult to find a cell phone stand as versatile as this fully adjustable option: whether you stand it up on a desk, wrap it around your bike's steering wheel, or literally wear it around your neck, it holds your device in place and offers hands-free viewing. The stand comes in black or white, provides 360-degree rotation, and is compatible with all phones.

32. An All-Over Deep Tissue Massage Ball That Hits Trigger Points

This little spiky massage ball delivers a powerful punch — in the form of a soothing deep tissue massage that really targets trigger points. Use it at the bottoms of feet to relieve pain and discomfort associated with conditions like plantar fasciitis. You can also work it along your back, shoulders, or neck to boost circulation and loosen muscles after a tough workout.

33. A Mess-Free Way To Make Cupcakes And Pancakes While Keeping Counters Clean

The best thing about making cupcakes and pancakes at home is everything — but the worst thing is cleaning up spills that inevitably wind up on countertops. This batter dispenser is the simple gadget that provides a solution to that problem: it holds 4 cups of batter in a container with easy-to-read markings and has a quick-release handle that controls how much or little you dispense.

34. These Foot Peel Masks That Slough Away Dry Skin

Harnessing the power of natural milk and plant extracts like peach kernel, aloe vera, and papain, these foot peel masks exfoliate cracked skin and help soften and remove calluses. You'll get two pairs of foot mask booties that you wear and then remove. Days later all of that dead skin will come off, leaving you with baby-smooth feet. One reviewer writes: "This has been quite a process, but I can finally see the results now and they were worth waiting for! Be ready for A LOT of shedding, soak your feet in warm water as often as you can to expedite the peeling and be prepared to wear closed shoes for a few days!!"

35. The Weather-Proof Bag For Your Phone That You Can Mount On Your Bike

Protect your phone against the elements and keep it by your side while you bike with this bike phone mount bag, which sits between handlebars for total convenience. The weather-proof bag has a zipper and a sensitive TPU touchscreen so that you can use it while it's protected, and its adjustable Velcro strap ensures it stays put while you ride.

36. A Retractable And Refillable Lint Roller You Can Take With You

Easily the most portable lint rollers you'll find, this wisely designed roller is retractable, so there's no sticky tape getting caught in your purse, and they contain 30 sheets in a dispenser that can be refilled with eco-friendly recycled paper. They even come in 16 different colors and designs like pink, emerald, and marble.

37. An Instantly Cooling Miniature Desk Fan With A Clip-On Feature

Attach this clip-on desk fan to any surface and give yourself an instantly cooling experience that won't disrupt anyone around you. The battery-operated miniature fan is quiet, charges up with a USB cable, and features 360-degree vertical and horizontal rotation.

38. This Wristband That Holds Small Tools In Place With Magnets

Wear this magnetic tool wristband and use it to capture and hold small tools like nuts, bolts, and screws so that your DIY home project is speedier and more convenient. The one-size-fits-most band has six powerful magnets and comes in three colors: black, blue, and red.

39. A Phone Holder That Clamps Down On Your Desk

Attach this phone holder to your desk or other flat surface with its strong clamp and it stays securely fastened, providing a safe place to place and store your phone for hands-free viewing. The stand has a gooseneck that can adjust 360-degrees vertically or horizontally and it comes in black or white. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.