'RHONY' Stars Ramona Singer & Barbara Kavovit Aren't Going To Be Besties Anytime Soon

by Marenah Dobin

Ramona Singer has been shading Barbara Kavovit ever since she joined the Real Housewives of New York cast. Ramona doesn't like Barbara's cropped sweater or wrapped dresses, but she did enjoy her lobsters...from the clambake that Ramona crashed. So what is the deal between these two? Are Ramona Singer and Barbara Kavovit friends or are things as heated as the seem?

In, short, "no." They are not friends, not by a long shot. Unless they are just the two best actors in the world and they managed to make up at some point after the most recent episodes filmed. Bethenny Frankel asked Barbara at her dinner party earlier this season whether she liked Ramona or not. After some squirming and an awkward pause, Barbara confessed, "Not so much." This prompted Dorinda to jump in with, "The good news is that I think the feeling's mutual. So, you're all set there." However, that's not exactly "good news" (even it was classic Dorinda) since it got back to Ramona. That's never a good thing.

Ramona was set to confront Barbara at Dorinda's spa day, but they surprisingly found some common ground when Ramona made fun of Barbara's wrap dresses, which would normally incite an argument on any Real Housewives franchise. But did they ever go on that shopping trip? It doesn't seem like they're going to hit up Bergdorf's anytime soon. At least not together.

Even before Season 11 started airing, Ramona was already shading Barbara. During a Jan. 28 interview with Entertainment Tonight, the interviewer referred to Barbara as "the new Housewife." Ramona didn't hesitate to et the record straight. The OG cast member clarified, "She's not a housewife. She's just a friend, so she's not a new housewife." She continued, "So I don't even know what she is. I don't want to talk about it. They're not giving her an apple. They're not giving her an apple or anything."

Ramona is not "wrong." Technically speaking, Barbara is not a "Real Housewife" since she's not billed as one and she doesn't have her own intro. However, by making the distinction, it's clear that Ramona was just being shady with her response. Barbara has been a large part of this season's storyline, much like Camille has returned over on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills but doesn't have a diamond. Without the Barbara's and Camille's, nothing fun happens sometimes.

On Feb. 5, Barbara clapped back at Ramona's remark with an exclusive statement to AOL. Barbara said she is "not surprised at Ramona's response considering she's nasty and condescending to most." The person who made fun of someone's outfits to her face several times being condescending? No way. Cue, the eye rolls.

Barbara declared, "She's someone who doesn't support other women, even though she brags she does, so this is very on-brand for her." Who could ever forget that phone call Ramona made on the street corner yelling "You don't support other women" about Bethenny? That was nothing short of iconic. And Barbara knew exactly what she was saying. In actual reality, these two women know how to play the Bravo game and could eventually come together. If they don't rip each other a new wrap dress first.