'RHONY' Stars Sonja, Tinsley, & Dorinda Reveal Their Biggest Regrets From The Series

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The most recent season of The Real Housewives of New York City was a monumental one, and not just because of the brand recognition it raised for evening gown line Jovani. This year, RHONY celebrated 10 years on the air, and in honor of that milestone three stars of the series — Sonja Morgan, Tinsley Mortimer, and Dorinda Medley — sat down with executive producers Lisa Shannon and Andy Cohen at the Tribeca TV Festival to reminisce about the show and share some behind-the-scenes details. The women also shared their favorite moments from the series and their biggest regrets. (Spoiler: The Straw That Stirs The Drink regrets nothing.)

"A lot of my favorite moments ironically — and I shouldn't say ironically, but judging from the last season, it is kind of ironic — are with Ramona [Singer]," Morgan explained to the audience at New York City's Spring Studios. "Ramona and I just running around like kids and lunatics. In Morocco when we went to go get the dresses together. And calling her face a pizza. We trust each other; we really do. We go there with each other. Talking about when we were fanning ourselves in the Berkshires, cooling off — there's things like that we do together. And the moments we shared with her family, her husband, and her daughter."

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As for Mortimer, she started off with a more sentimental favorite moment ("It was fun to meet Scott [Kluth]. The blind date with Carole, that was super fun"), but then brought up a scene that is fan favorite, too. "I love when Luann fell in the bushes," she said. More specifically, she loved Singer's response. "When Ramona just looked at her and went, 'You should've gone this way.' That, to me, has become, like, my favorite line."

Medley kept it simple: "Well, I know that a lot of people out there have their favorite moments about me. The speeches. But I truly always love 'I cooked, I cleaned, I made it nice." Can't argue with that. (Although she did slightly misquote herself.)

When it comes to regrets, Morgan said she only wishes more things were filmed. "The only regret I have is not being filmed, so I have no regrets. None." Mortimer and Medley had much more concrete answers, though. And their regrets — while very different — are both totally understandable.


"I shouldn't bring this up again," Mortimer began. "But, yes, when we were playing Truth or Dare and I talked about my ex-husband. Something that we did. That was pretty embarrassing, and I got a lot of heat for that." Cohen asked if she meant from her ex. "Of course — and his new wife."

Medley's regret came during the most recent season, when she went on a trip with Bethenny Frankel to help hurricane victims and made a scene during an important dinner. "We all know mine, do we really need to go back there? Last season in Puerto Rico," she said. "If you're going to be your authentic self ... What do they say, sadness is the root, happiness is the branches? You have to be the whole tree. I just think it is what it is. We all have that moment, and then you get through it... Until you get on Watch What Happens Live and it's all brought up again."

It's clear that the ladies have no problem putting it all out there, even if it comes back to bite them later. They weren't able to comment on Season 11, but after 10 years fans can trust that there will be more quotable moments, more luxurious trips, and, yes, more regrets. Maybe they won't be from Sonja Morgan, but RHONY without any regrets from the cast members might not be RHONY at all.