Ricky Gervais Just Shared Some Very Exciting News For Fans Of Netflix's 'After Life'

Netflix/After Life

Ever since he penned The Office and expanded TV comedy at the start of the milennium, it seems like everything Ricky Gervais touches turns to gold. Since his debut, he's put out too many TV shows and films to list, and his latest effort seems to have been just as successful as all the others. His Netflix exclusive After Life saw Gervais playing a grieving and jaded man, who comes to the realisation that his meanness is getting him nowhere. Now his fans are rejoicing, as it's been announced that Ricky Gervais is writing season two of After Life.

As BBC News reported on Thursday, April 4, Netflix have commissioned After Life for another six episode series, which is due to run sometime in 2020. In a press statement, Gervais said: "I have never had a reaction like this before," adding: "It's been insane. And heart-warming." That says quite a lot, considering the career the comedian's had. "I have to make sure the second season is even better so I'll probably have to work much harder than usual," he added. "Annoying really."

Netflix's chief content officer Ted Sarandos also chimed in, declaring: "After Life has moved audiences from laughter to tears around the world," adding that the streaming service were "thrilled" to announce the second series.

Gervais has seen quite a few benefits to cosigning with Netflix for this project, as he tweeted following the announcement of After Life season two: "A lovely added bonus that has come with the crazy popularity of #AfterLife is so many people discovering or rewatching #Derek and #Humanity. The beauty of @netflix. Thank you. Best fans in the world."

Netflix/After Life

In fact, there's a whole ream of Gervais features on the streaming service, including his 2016 film alongside Eric Bana Special Correspondents, as well as his absolute classic TV series Extras, and The Office. So, you've got plenty to get stuck into if you're a mega fan. But there's still more material from Gervais to come.

As possibly one of the busiest men in comedy, as well as writing the series two script of After Life, Gervais is also working on his standup follow up to 2017's controversial Humanity. As he announced via his Facebook page on April 15, 2018, his next standup tour will be called #Supernatural, and it: "looks at the absurdity of superstition, magic and all unsubstantiated beliefs, and celebrates the conclusion that Nature is already Super enough," he wrote to his 4.3 million Facebook fans.

He's currently gauging audience reactions to his new show, as he's been doing a warm up tour across several intimate venues in southern England, as Bustle reported back in March. According to a blog post on Gervais' official site, which was published on Wednesday, April 3, Netflix have already bought the rights for #Supernatural. "I'll tour it again before filming it though, so quite a way off at the moment," he wrote, so maybe expect that one sometime after series two of After Life in 2020. Luckily for his fans, this man never stops.