Riggs Encourages Meredith To Move Forward On 'Grey's'

Mitch Haaseth/ABC

We have reached a little bit of plot resolution, Grey’s Anatomy viewers. For years (OK, just a season, maybe a half a season) Meredith and Riggs have been doing the “will-they-or-won’t-they” thing, but in the April 13 episode, it sure seems like they will and are. Following a very harrowing flight to a conference, Riggs encourages Meredith to get over Derek on Grey’s Anatomy, and you know what? Riggs is one million percent right.

I don’t want to be callous here — I know that Meredith and Derek were truly, deeply in love, and his loss was something that she can never completely get over. That being said, as Riggs says to Meredith, Meredith is fearless in virtually everything else (in this episode Meredith performs brain surgery on a moving plane with a nail clipper and a straw), so why can’t she just take a chance and do some smooching with Riggs? Derek has been dead for years now, and Meredith isn’t going to evolve as a person if she can’t move forward at least a little bit. And Riggs is a man who’s suffered loss, too, so I think he knows what he’s talking about. Eventually, you have to take a chance, and if surviving a crazy plane brain surgery and pulmonary episode means anything, Meredith can certainly survive a bad relationship (if it goes bad) and an awkward breakup.

But, I think that Riggs is good for Meredith. They’ve both been in plane crashes; they both have dark and twisty places where they let their minds flee; they both are super intense doctors who have lost important people in their lives. It’s like they’re the same person, really. They are also crazy chemically attracted to each other (they join the Mile High Club, of course), so why not? The truth is, Meredith doesn’t have a good reason anymore, so off these two go to a hotel room in Sioux Falls, home of their emergency plan landing, to see how it all goes. Me? I think it will go well. I think it will go better than Meredith ever imagined. Riggs is not Derek, but that doesn’t mean that he's not right for her.