These Rihanna Socks Are A Next Level Way To Celebrate RiRi's Strong Fashion Game

If you've been a staunch admirer of Rihanna's bold and adventurous style, then chances are there was a time or two that you wished you could copy her outfits. Well, with Rihanna's new Iconic Collection Socks, you can do just that. Except instead of getting to wear the haute couture and designer labels she makes a habit in stepping out in, you can wear those memorable pieces on your feet.

Rihanna unveiled the Iconic Looks Collection, a line of four socks in collaboration with Stance, an underwear company. But these aren't your ordinary white tube socks, no. Instead, the collection comes with four different designs, each one depicting an iconic Rihanna outfit.

The socks are sold in sets of two, so you can't mix and match between the four. There is the "Rihanna Music Video Box," which features the diamond bra bikini from her "Pour It Up" video, and her striped mesh dress from "Work." In the description, Stance shares the inspiration behind this selection. "No one rewrites the rules of style quite like Rihanna. With eight studio albums, eight Grammy awards, and thirteen number one singles, music's original Bad Gal knows creativity is the boldest form of rebellion and she lets her style call the shots." These two socks celebrate her genius outfit pairings.

Rihanna Music Video Box, $48, Stance

The second box is dubbed the "Rihanna Award Show Box" and it features her 2015 Met Gala dress, which was a 55 pound imperial yellow Chinese couture gown, as well as the "naked dress" with 230,000 Swarovski crystals that she wore to the CFDAs. "We pay tribute to Rihanna's most talked about red carpet moments that brought fashionistas, designers, and fans to their knees in awe," Stance wrote in the product description.

"These are, perhaps (read: absolutely), our only real chance to steal Rihanna's red carpet look," Mashable reported.

Rihanna Award Show Box, $48, Stance

The socks are now available for purchase on Stance's website, but be warned they don't cost like the gym socks you're used to buying. Clocking in at $48 per box, it's an expensive buy. But if you're a true Rihanna fan — and are obsessed with her fashion — it just might be worth it.