This Witchy Brand Has Limited Edition Makeup Releases On Each Full Moon

Rituel de Fille

Witches everywhere, there is a new beauty drop just for you. Rituel de Fille's Moon Drop is a special beauty drop that comes around every lunar cycle. Once a month on the full moon. Rituel de Fille will release a selection of beauty items that are new, limited, and rare to the brand. The makeup items in question will be selected purposefully to inspire and thrill you, so they won't be your run-of-the-mill eye shadows or lipsticks. Think witchy items that are full of magic and mystery.

The inspiration behind the Moon Drop was to connect fans to a deeper human urge to self express. "The full moon is a renewal every month, and also a greater cycle that moves us all either consciously or unconsciously. A focus for Rituel de Fille is speaking to deeper human instincts for self-adornment, tactile pleasure, and powerful expression of self, and it felt right to work with an event that speaks to a deeper awareness," Katherine Ramos, co-founder of Rituel de Fille, tells Bustle

There has been one Moon Drop so far, and it quickly sold out. Launching on June 17, the lunar reveal consisted of one item: Celestial Sphere Eye Soot in the color Cygnus. Seeing how popular it was and how quickly it was selling, Rituel de Fille decided to also offer Cygnus in a duo set as a bonus item for the Moon Drop. The set consisted of an extra permanent color that Cygnus layered well with, as long as Cygnus was still available. That limited edition color duo was called Color Set: Cygnus + Obsidian.

The Cygnus Eye Soot was extremely limited edition, and the color was inspired by "blood and radiant starlight," according to a press release. It had a deep red gelée base and was tinged with a blue-green iridescent shift. The Eye Soot gave off the look of a deep space nebula.

You could wear the product both on the eyes and lips, adding a constellation-like shimmer wherever you wanted. The first layer that was applied would give a subtle blue-green wash, but you could build the color into an intense red metallic hue.

The Cygnus shadow color was a temporary part of the Celestial Sphere Eye Soot range. Each pot carries a richly textured, glittering gelée formulation that could be used as anything from a highlighter to a shadow to a body glitter.

Rituel de Fille

The second Moon Drop item was a Color Set with the shades Cygnus and Obsidian. This collection aimed to help you create a dramatic glossed eye look in one go.

Obsidian is s rich black shadow with a metallic sheen. It is a permanent part of the Ash and Ember Eye Soot product line. The Ash and Ember Soot collection is the perfect base for the gelée Celectial Sphere toppers because they provide a foundation for long wear.

Rituel de Fille recommends applying the Obsidian base with either your fingers or a densely-bristled smudge brush. Then apply the gelée topper with either your finger tips or your favorite brush.

While both Moon Drops have already sold out, they give you an idea what to expect for next month. "A Moon Drop is at its core something we think will delight our followers once a month. We want to use this as an opportunity to create a little bit of magic to anticipate," Ramos says. "The first Moon Drop was a new product launch, but a Moon Drop could be any number of exciting surprises: a gift, an event, a new color, something new to discover. We want to keep it unexpected and exciting every month, but consistently beautiful and special."

The Cygnus eyeshadow was made specifically for the Moon Drop and is no longer available, but the Obsidian shadow is part of Rituel de Fille's permanent line. However, the combo pack was limited-edition and is no longer available.

Rituel de Fille

If you haven't been introduced to Rituel de Fille before, the beauty brand was founded by three sisters who were inspired by the alchemy of natural ingredients and the ritualistic power of pigments. All three Ramos sisters are accomplished artists, so the entire group has a trained eye when it comes to creating magical shades and hues.

The brand is entirely natural and does its best to create its products with as little ingredients as possible. The products are made without parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes or synthetic fragrances. Rituel de Fille is also cruelty free, and it only sources its raw materials from companies that are also 100% cruelty-free.

Tap into your inner witch next month and keep an eye out for the next Moon Drop. It will launch on July 16, starting at 12 PM PST. It promises to be magical.