You Can Now Get Unlimited Romance Novels On Audiobook For Under $15

Heads up, romance-novel fans! Audible is launching its new Audible Romance service on Wednesday, and existing Audible customers can add it to their plan for less than $7 more per month. I have all the steamy details on Audible Romance for you below, so keep reading to find out how you can get the sexy reads you crave delivered right to your favorite device. (Not that one.)

According to the press release, Audible Romance offers "unlimited access to over ten thousand romance audiobooks, bestsellers, and Audible Originals." Existing Audible customers may add Audible Romance onto their current plans for just $6.95 per month. For those who do not already subscribe to Audible, the new service is available as a standalone package for $14.95 per month.

At that price, Audible Romance customers will get a lot of bang for their buck. Audible's new service has a brand-new genre-identification feature that allows users to sort through "41 micro-categories and 131 story and character tropes." Audible Romance's built-in Steaminess Scores rank each of the available titles on a five-point scale: Sweet, Simmering, Sizzling, Hot Damn, and O-O-OMG. That means that, whether they love the wedding or the bedding, romance-novel readers of all persuasions can find the right books for them using the new Audible service.

Audible Romance's best feature, by far, is Take Me to the Good Part, which allows listeners to skip ahead to the "flirty banter, first meetings, hot moments," and any other Good Parts they want to enjoy at a particular moment. And because Audible Romance does not limit the number of titles users can access, romance-novel readers will be able to enjoy as many Good Parts as they like, every day.

Among the more than 10,000 titles available at launch, Audible Romance features books from some of the bestselling novelists in the genre, including Nora Roberts, Sylvia Day, Catherine Coulter, and Robin Carr. Audible promises that "Audible Romance will feature a rich, frequently updated catalog including bestsellers and Audible Original productions." Those productions include narrations from the likes of Blair Underwood, Dermot Mulroney, and other stars.

Audible Chief Content Officer Andy Gaies calls "[r]omance readers . . . some of the most savvy, enthusiastic, well versed, and devoted fans in the world," adding that "Audible Romance . . . combine[s] the expansive catalogue and impressive tech that make Audible so attractive to begin with in order to create a customized, appealing experience to satisfy the appetite of this voracious audience."

Check out Audible Romance here.