Rose Brown Hair Is A Thing Now & People Want It ASAP

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The reign of rose gold has finally come to an end. There's a new edgy look on the 'gram and it's making everyone schedule hair appointments as soon as they see it. As Teen Vogue found, rose brown hair is driving the internet wild. It's a traditional take on brown locks and it will have you mesmerized.

Forget everything you know about summer hairstyles, because this one brings the perfect amount of shine. While rose gold is blonde hair with a red tint, rose brown is, well, brown hair with a red tint. According to Teen Vogue, Australian stylist Thi Thao Tu was one of the first ones to show off the hair color for spring. People have been talking about the trend ever since.

"Rose brown is the pink girls answer to Raven hair Blackberry trend," Hair Stylist at Streeters Tina Outen tells Bustle. "You want your natural brown roots and a good amount of your natural color throughout the base mixed with a gorgeous lightened coppery blonde that means not over bleaching and using your natural pigments of copper and red to become the base of the rose pink hue, so don’t go too light. The more depth in blonde there is the more rose gold the wash you cover it with will become."

People have been freaking out over the color. People took to Twitter to announce how excited they were about the fresh look that has been taking over Instagram. It's summery, but not too summery. Natural, but with a fun twist. Basically, it's an instant trend.

The only question is whether or not this hair style will hurt their hair. According to numerous hairstylists, this isn't actually as bad for your hair as you might think.

When asked if rose brown hair was damaging, Outen tells Bustle, "Not at all as you are not lightening too much! And the semi-permanent you put over it is actually conditioning and the red reflect will give you hair an amazing shine as the light reflects so well from warmth in your hair."

Delilah Fernandez from Pierre Michel Salon echoed that by saying, "these ‘trending ‘colors don’t have the strength to damage hair unless the hair is damaged to being with."

To say that people are obsessed with the hair color is an understatement. Twitter users are all over the trend. Spoiler alert: there are a lot of heart-eye emojis involved when talking about this trend.

People are loving the trend so much that they're even getting the Insta-worthy hair at home. As true beauty lovers do, people are even sharing their tips with the rest of the world. If you can't wait to schedule an appointment at a salon, there's a way to do it at home.

Let's say this all together now... do it!

There's no need for sad eye emojis, because the look is super easy to get.

People are even getting the look at home. It's that easy, people!

All the heart-eye emojis go out for this trend.

The world has heard about it, and the overall consensus is that people need to get it ASAP.

When you see this hair trend, you're going to run around screaming this phrase too. No judgement.

There's a good chance that this trend will last all summer long, so you have some time to figure out if you love it or hate it.