Rule Breakers Performers Samantha Ronson, Sofi Tukker, & Vashtie Share The Rule They Broke Most Recently

David Everly/Bustle

Bustle's 2018 Rule Breakers event featured its fair share of amazingly talented performers who double as rule breakers themselves. From the DJ stylings of Sam Ronson and Va$htie to performances from Sofi Tukker and Janelle Monáe, it's safe to say that the event was one for the ages. The performers even had something to say about the rule they broke most recently, and honestly, their responses will definitely have you saying "same."

Rule Breakers is a celebration of female and non-binary rule breakers everywhere. Bustle Digital Group's editor-in-chief, Kate Ward, explained the reasoning behind Rule Breakers (which also includes a month-long multi-platform digital celebration) further in the letter from the editor accompanying our Rule Breakers digital issue:

"At Bustle, we have always celebrated women who have broken boundaries to achieve amazing things, but Rule Breakers gives us a chance to celebrate them in real life."

The Sept. 22 event, which was held at Prospect Park in New York City, did just that, featuring not only inspiring words from Black Lives Matter founder Patrice Cullors, headliner Janelle Monáe, and more, but tons of fun stuff to reward all of that rule breaking — delicious treats, a glitter bar, roller skating. And, unsurprisingly, some of the performers and DJs who rocked the house during the celebration seemed happy to share the rule that they're broken most recently.

Sofi Tukker

David Everly/Bustle

The Grammy-nominated duo of Sofi Tukker, Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern, had some fun with the last rules they broke.

Hawley-Weld: "Yesterday, I walked around the customs border patrol office doing lunges with a book balanced on my head. I don’t think there was a rule against it, but I was definitely the only one doing it and got some pretty confused looks."

Halpern: "Wearing every pattern at the same time. Every day."

Sam Ronson

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Ronson broke an oh-so-relatable rule during a recent flight. She wrote Bustle from her flight to New York City for Rule Breakers, "Currently breaking the 'all phones must be in airplane mode' rule right now on the plane! Up, up, and away!"


David Everly/Bustle

One look at Va$htie's outfits, and you can tell she has killer style. But when it comes to fashion, she doesn't like to follow any rules.

"It's common to dress in the most eye-catching stylish threads for Fashion Week, and although I've done it for years... this year, I decided to attend shows in comfort. I even wore white coveralls to my best friend Luar's show, post Labor Day and double faux pas."

Janelle Monáe

The day was not just filled with inspiring messages of rules that should be broken, but it was also filled with messages of love. Headliner Janelle Monáe relayed a positive message to the crowd during the Sept. 22 Rule Breakers event in between singing tracks such as "Screwed" and "Electric Lady." She shared that "this entire experience has been rooted in love, I've felt so much f*cking love out here tonight."

In addition to that amazing message, Monáe also had a truly astounding set (in which she crowd surfed, twice). She also got down to a rendition of "Pynk," complete with the same outfits featured in her music video for the song, which also featured Tessa Thompson.

Just based on the rules that these performers have broken most recently, it would appear that not only are they super talented, but they're super relatable, too.