Check Out These New 'AHS' Season 7 Details

AHSFXCult on Twitter

On Thursday night, in the midst of San Diego Comic-Con, Ryan Murphy shared new American Horror Story Season 7 spoilers with fans on Twitter. And while they don't make the exact plot of the season any clearer than before, they do give us a lot of clues to work with.

The details that Murphy shared with fans followed a creepy, clown filled trailer that revealed American Horror Story: Cult will be the title and theme. As is the case with every season of the show, fans are playing a guessing game as to what will happen in the new season of American Horror Story, as well as who will star in it, and how American Horror Story: Cult will connect to previous seasons of the show. Thankfully, Murphy was more than happy to answer some questions on Twitter and has laid the foundations for fans to start getting hyped over their theories.

Though Murphy was generous with certain aspects of information that he revealed, he still managed to maintain that air of mystery that we all love about the show. Having said that, though, it still isn't going to stop us from delving deep into the American Horror Story clues or seeing what horrifying tidbits of potential information we can currently gather from them. Put on your sleuthing caps, and let's start theorizing...

1. Evan Peters Will Have A Major & Heavy Role

Every AHS fan wants to see more of Peters in season 7 of the show, so to hear that Murphy may be delivering exactly that is a relief. However, it does come with the caveat of it being "his heaviest season yet," which is quite the statement. Especially when you consider that Peters has already portrayed some heavy storylines and characters within just every season of AHS so far. It's chilling to even consider that Peters' AHS: Cult character could be any heavier than Tate Langdon from Murder House, or Mr. March from Hotel. Clearly, it could be the stuff of nightmares.

2. Peters' Character Name Is "Kai"

Before we all go scrambling to try and dig out the meaning of "Kai," it's worth mentioning that it's actually a multi-cultural name with a lot of different definitions. With that in mind, it would be easy to imagine that Kai could be some kind of a cult leader, and possibly one who means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, depending on their own cultural values. Which, if you're hoping to inspire a cult to believe in you, is a powerful quality.

3. Sarah Paulson's Character Name Is "Ally"

It's interesting to note that "Ally" and "Kai" share a rhyme between them, almost as though Peters' and Paulson's character names are supposed to evoke some form of kinship between the two. It's also worth noting, however, that pictures from the AHS: Cult set shared by Just Jared in May provided a glimpse of both of their characters that could support this idea.

Peters was shown sporting blue hair tied up in a bun, and looked bruised and battered while talking to press as though he was possibly bringing a case to court. On the other hand, Paulson was shown looking altogether more conservative and put together, while wearing a bluetooth headset as though she may have been a member of the press covering the possible court case. With that in mind, it could be a possibility that the two are in opposition to each other's interests, but are actually (and perhaps unwittingly) also working in alliance for the same interests, too.

4. AHS: Cult Will Be Set In Michigan

Like many other U.S. states in 2016, Michigan experienced plenty of creepy clown sightings, which ties in with the teaser video for Cult and could also tie in with the color of Peters' hair. However, considering that, in February, Murphy mentioned that Season 7 of AHS would be about the US.. election, Michigan is also notable for being one of the major states that Hilary Clinton lost during the election. That could make it the perfect location for a political allegory to take place.

5. Some Big Names Will Be Making A Return

Recurring AHS actors Conroy and Winningham are both beloved by fans, but their addition to the cast of AHS: Cult could also signify potential throwbacks or connections to past seasons of the show. Murphy's further tease that there will be "others" returning to star in Cult is perhaps the most exciting part of it though. The secrecy surrounding these cast members could imply that they're involved in significant plot lines that could become too obvious to speculate about if he were to name them.

6. Cult Will Be Only 11 Episodes Long

Last season, Roanoake featured only ten episodes, making it the shortest AHS season so far. But it also felt like the right length for the pacing and events of the story. The fact that Cult appears to be continuing the shows trend for cutting back on episodes (AHS seasons used to be 13 episodes long) could indicate that Murphy is simply trying to keep the story of the season as taut, tense, and terrifying as possible.

Since we're now officially in the count down to Sept. 5 when the show will premiere on FX, fans can no doubt look forward to even more clues being released regarding the new season. As ever, the show is also releasing a whole bunch of new teasers for Cult in upcoming weeks until the premiere, which should give us all plenty more material to debate about online.