Here's The 'AHS' Season 7 Premiere Date

AHSFXCult on Twitter

Fans have been on the edge of their seats for any reveal of the new season, and, finally, it's happened. The American Horror Story Season 7 premiere date has been released, and it's right around the corner: Sep. 5, 2017. It gives viewers enough time to get amped about the new theme, but not so much that they'll have moved on to something else by the time it airs. It is worth noting, however, that Season 7 will air on Tuesdays on FX, instead of the Wednesday slot that the show has occupied since its inception.

But everything else seems to be the same, up to and including the sneaky little hints from Ryan Murphy. The creator has been teasing us for literal months, promising AHS details in mid-July, and he came through at San Diego Comic Con on Thursday night. That's where he announced the theme for the seventh season: American Horror Story: Cult, to correspond with FX's announcement about the premiere date.

The theme is a sinister reflection of the 2016 Presidential Election, and promises to be chock-full of clowns, a hive mind mentality, and thinly-veiled references to our real life. There are even indications that Season 4's Twisty the Clown will make his — let's say "much-anticipated" — return. (What's a nice way to say that this character was creepy as hell, and that it would've been fine with a lot of us if he stayed buried in AHS history?)

But as unsettling as all the promised elements are, fans can at least rest easy that some structure is in place. We know the theme, and we know when it's coming back, and you have months to prepare for this terrifying season. It can only get in your head if you're gonna let it. (And, oh, you're gonna let it.)