Sam Smith Does A Cat Eye Better Than Me

John Phillips/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

He can sing, he can dress, and apparently he can do makeup as well. As PopSugar found, Sam Smith showed off a perfect winged liner on Instagram. Honestly, it will make you want to spend a few more minutes perfecting you flick in the morning. Get your liquid liner ready, because you're about to be inspired.

There are plenty of celebrities that double as masterful makeup artists, but you might not be expecting to hear Smith's name. Although he hasn't shown off his beauty skills on Instagram before, this moment was definitely worth the wait. Smith's liquid eyeliner skills are on point. And yes, that pun was most certainly intended.

The singer shared the photo of himself with an unzipped sweatshirt and dainty necklace with just one word as the caption — "flicked." While there's the possibility that he was hinting to a new song, he likely meant the perfectly flipped liner seen on his eye.

He can sing, he can dress, and apparently he can do makeup as well. The singer did not tag a makeup artist and it doesn't seem to be a shoot for anything, so there's a good chance that he did this all on his own. If you didn't already know that Smith is more than just an average human, you will now.

Smith might not have shown off his makeup skills before this moment, but he did share one after. According to his Instagram account, he's been rocking the cat eye liquid liner a lot lately. Smith posted another photo oh him dancing with liquid liner on as well. He titled the photo, "gotta get up to get down."

So not only can Smith create and rock the heck out of some liner, he can also have it stay through a dance session too. There is nothing that this singer cannot do. There's no word on when of if his makeup tutorials will make it to social media, but it sure would make a lot of beauty lovers very happy.

Bustle reached out to Smith to see whether or not this flick was created by him, and also how the heck he got it to be so darn perfect. Fingers crossed that he lets his fans know at least what brand liner he uses, because people are dying to know.

Smith loves to experiment with his personal style, so it really comes as no surprise that he's great at makeup too. He's tried out the male romper, worn epic heart-shaped sunglasses, and even stomped it out in a pair of bright red, sparkly heels as well. It's also worth noting that he looked absolute fantastic in every single look that he's tried out.

Basically, if you're looking for style advice, go to Smith. But also feel free to reach out for him for singing and makeup advice as well, because he can do everything.

Smith isn't the only celebrity that has surprised the world with thier talent for makeup, either. Plenty of stars pop onto YouTube to share their knowledge. Most recently, Lili Reinhart from Riverdale finally showed off her FX makeup skills. She even teamed up with co-star Madelaine Petsch for her YouTube channel.

Let's hope that Smith gives all of his cat-eye liquid eyeliner tips soon, because the world is dying to know. When you can go from no makeup on your Instagram to a photo with a flick this perfect, you already know that people are going to be interested in knowing where he learned that from. Does he watch YouTube in his spare time? Did a makeup artist teach him? The world might never know.