Sam Smith’s New Music Will Be Here “Very Soon” & Fans Are Already So Pumped

by Ashley Rey
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Remember when Grammy Award-winning artist Sam Smith announced his new music would be here "very very very soon"? Well, the songbird announced via a new Instagram post on Friday that "very very very soon" actually means next Friday, Sept. 8. Smith shared a photo of his new Spotify billboard in London, along with the release date of his new project, and fans have been sharing their excitement all over Twitter.

It's been three years since Smith released his 2014 smash In The Lonely Hour, so having something new from him is long overdue. According to Smith's post, he "poured his heart and soul into the record," so fans better strap up for this emotional rollercoaster. It's unclear whether or not Smith will be releasing a new album, Beyoncé style, or just a single from his new LP on Sept. 8, but whatever it is, is sure to be filled with enough gems to last for the next year.

Smith enthusiasts showed just how much they missed the singer on social media, and even already pegged the upcoming project as the highlight of the season. And if you weren't excited about Smith's music before, all of the fan reactions are enough to stir up some anticipation.


Some Simply Refused To Contain Their Joy

It's true. Deep and inspirational lyrics seem to be Smith's claim to fame, and you can bet that tears will be shed.


While Others Kept It Cool

"Happy" is an understatement. "Ecstatic," or just downright "overwhelmed" is more like it.


This Fan Just Let It All Out

All of the rivers, lakes, ponds, and oceans will overflow with simultaneous waterworks.


He's Snatching Wigs & Taking Names

He's got some stories to tell, and after a year hiatus, you know they're going to be mind-blowing.


It's The Double-Feature We've All Been Waiting For

Between Zayn and Sam Smith, we'll have no time for anything else next weekend.


You Can Never Be Too Prepared

And whoever calls you "overdramatic" is a hater.


And Then, There's The Silver Lining

Sam Smith providing the soundtrack to the new semester? There's seriously nothing better than that.


Friday Can't Get Here Fast Enough

Counting down the days.


It's All Uphill From Here

Don't fret, because he's going to bring everything you've ever needed.


Therapy In Your Earbuds

Like, "nothing's wrong... he's just singing my whole entire life, that's all."


No Use In Denying It

And you can prepare to have every single lyric stuck in your head.

Anyone who can sing to your fears and make old emotions reemerge that you thought you buried long ago is a legend in the making.