This 'Law & Order' Legend Is Returning To The Courtroom & Fans Can't Handle It


After seven long years out of the courtroom, everyone's favorite prosecutor Jack McCoy is returning to Law & Order with a guest appearance on the upcoming season of SVU, according to Deadline. As the excitement surrounding the news makes its way around the internet, actor Sam Waterston's return to the Law & Order franchise has fans excited in all the best ways.

Waterston — who played the franchise's Executive Assistant District Attorney, and later District Attorney — will return sometime during Law & Order SVU Season 19 to reprise his beloved role. Although no exact date has yet to be announced, TVLine indicated that Waterston's appearance will not air until midseason or later, since the show's executive producer Julie Martin reportedly revealed that Waterston's script had yet to be written as of Sept. 20.

The actor appeared on the franchise's initial series for 16 seasons, joining L&O during its fifth year in 1994, and remaining until the show was abruptly canceled by NBC in 2010. His performance as Jack McCoy earned him countless Emmy and Golden Globe nominations, as well as the Screen Actor's Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series in 1999.

Throughout the years, he's starred in a handful of crossover guest roles on the SVU spinoff. His last appearance was in the 2010 episode "Torch," with the other cameos occurring during his run on the original L&O in the early 2000s. So, his return has been a long time coming for followers of the drama. And for that very reason, fans were super excited, taking to social media to share their joy about the return of Jack McCoy.

1. Getting Ready Already

It's never too soon to get that TiVo ready.

2. Squeals Of Joy

This fan offered up a high pitch sound to express excitement, because there's no better reaction.

3. Eerie Premonition

One person couldn't get over the eeriness of a recent premonition about the actor and his guest appearance on the ubiquitous series.

4. Simply The Best

In response to The Hollywood Reporter's tweet announcing Waterston's return, this person offered a simple, yet huge, compliment to the actor, deeming him the "best actor" on the whole series.

5. Old Fans Become New Again

Former fans are preparing to tune in for the episode simply to check out Waterston's popular character.

6. Extreme Excitement

As TV Insider shared the news with fans via Twitter, a follower simply couldn't control the excitement.

7. Mere Words Cannot Describe This

Most likely at a loss for words, this follower could only respond with an overjoyed GIF.

8. Boom!

Another fan summed things up with one word, "Yassss!"

9. 'Law & Order' Lit

Someone shared their sentiments with this video of a dance celebration.

10. Political Promises

Another fan got political with their response, throwing in a joke about our current POTUS and his promises.

As for life after Law & Order, Waterston has been a main cast member on the popular Netflix series, Grace & Frankie alongside Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Martin Sheen since its inception in 2015. He also appeared in the HBO drama The Newsroom and has had roles in the movies Miss Sloane and Please Be Normal, according to THR.

In the past, Waterston has expressed interest in returning to Law & Order for a revival, once telling THR in 2015, "Sure, I'd love it ... Got to break the record." The comment is, of course, referring to the show's goal of beating out Gunsmoke as the longest-running scripted primetime drama in history.

Although there's no word on a reboot of the original Law & Order happening anytime soon, fans are definitely elated to hear that Jack is officially back — even if only for one episode.