You Need To See Samira Wiley & Lauren Morelli's Siriano Wedding Outfits

If you hear something strange, never fear — it's just the dulcet sound of wedding bells ringing over Litchfield Penitentiary. Former Orange Is the New Black star Samira Wiley and current OITNB writer Lauren Morelli just tied the knot, and their Christian Siriano wedding wear is beyond excellent.

Wiley and Morelli met on the set of OITNB, where Morelli discovered she was gay after discussions about sexuality and gender in the writers' room. She and Wiley, who played fan favorite Poussey for four seasons, announced their engagement in October 2016, and married March 25 in Palm Springs, California, at the same place where they got engaged.

Wiley worked with designer Christian Siriano in 2015, and she and Morelli were spotted with fellow OITNB cast member Danielle Brooks sitting front row at his fall NYFW show in February 2017, so it's no surprise the couple turned to the Project Runway alum to craft their one-of-a-kind wedding outfits.

Wiley wore a beautiful off-the-shoulder dress to the ceremony (which was officiated by her parents), while Morelli sported an uber-classy pantsuit design with an elaborately tooled bodice. Oh, and an actual, real-life cape, which takes her already gorgeous look to a whole new level:

Morelli shared the snap on Instagram with the caption "Wifey for Lifey," adding to the couple's collection of seriously adorable Insta posts.

In an essay for Mic about her identity exploration, Morelli said, "It feels important to say these things in a public way, to record them where they are easily accessible because if I could think and feel them while working in the world's most supportive environment, surrounded by people in the LGBT community, where being a minority of any sort is joyfully celebrated, I can only venture to imagine the pain, confusion and fear that might have existed otherwise."

The fight for LGBTQ rights doesn't end with marriage equality. But in an era as politically charged as this one, where the question of whether same-sex marriage, already affirmed by the Supreme Court, should be legal is still being brought into question, seeing prominent same-sex couples happy, in love, and getting married is empowering. Not to mention Morelli's brutally honest journey is a direct counter to the common "always knew I was gay" assumption, which, while fitting for some people, can invalidate the experiences of others who discovered their identities later in life.

According to Us, photos and deets of the couple's wedding will be in the summer issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, which you can snag on June 5.