San Bernardino Elementary School Tributes & Memes Express Horror And Sadness

David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The San Bernardino County Fire Department reported via Twitter on Monday morning that a shooting at an elementary school had left multiple gunshot victims. Many subsequently took to social media to spread the news, check in on loved ones, and offer their support — and the San Bernardino elementary school tributes and memes show the horror and sadness gripping so many in the wake of the tragedy.

UPDATE: An 8-year-old student was confirmed dead in the aftermath of the shooting at North Park Elementary School. Jonathan Martinez was pronounced dead after being airlifted to the hospital. According to San Bernardino County Police Department Chief Jarrod Burguan, two adults also died in what is believed to be a murder suicide. North Park Elementary School teacher Karen Elaine Smith was reportedly shot and killed by her husband, who then killed himself. Another student is in the hospital in stable condition.

EARLIER: According to San Bernardino County Police Department Chief Jarrod Burguan, who is tweeting updates from the @SBPDChief Twitter account, the situation may have been a murder-suicide; Burguan also noted, “Preliminary info is 4 victims, being treated. Suspect is possibly down as well." Reports vary as to whether those injured were both teachers and students, or students alone. Maria Garcia, a spokeswoman for San Bernardino City Unified, told the San Bernardino Sun, “One of them is a teacher, the other two are unknown, and their condition is unknown. We believe the situation is contained”; Burguan also tweeted that two students have been taken to the hospital. Additionally, students at Cal State University San Bernardino have been asked to shelter in place, reports KTLA.

One thing became immediately clear from the outpouring of activity on social media in response to the incident: It is long past time actions are taken to prevent such tragedies from occurring, particularly in light of how common they seem to have become.

Thoughts and prayers are not enough.

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