'Santa Clarita Diet' Is Coming Back For Second Helpings

Fans of suburban moms who also happen to be zombies, rejoice! According to Deadline, Netflix has renewed Santa Clarita Diet for Season 2, and it's a good thing, because the Drew Barrymore comedy ended on a crazy cliffhanger. The hilarious family/horror comedy delivered an addictive first season that left fans craving more the way Barrymore's Sheila craves brains — and all of the other body parts, really.

Netflix hasn't released a specific premiere date yet, but the streaming service did reveal Season 2 will premiere in 2018. That means there are still several months standing between you and answers to all of your most pressing Santa Clarita Diet questions. Namely, how is Sheila going to stop herself from descending into full-blown zombie mode before her daughter Abby has to resort to killing her mom for humanity's sake?

While Sheila's fate was the Season 1 finale's most pressing question, the show left plenty of mysteries unsolved. Between the origin of Sheila's zombie infection to Joel being dragged away for a little psychological examination, there is still so much story left for the series to explore. By the end of Season 1, it was clear Santa Clarita Diet was just getting started.

Here are 11 things that need to happen in Santa Clarita Diet Season 2.

1. Sheila Needs To Figure Out How She Was Infected

Season 1 offered up some clues about the origin of the virus thanks to the ancient Serbian text, but Sheila never really pursued how she was infected with the virus. Since she transferred the virus to Loki when she bit him, it seems like someone would have had to bite her too, but isn't that something she would remember?

2. Joel Needs Someone To Actually Help Him

Poor Joel is not handling his wife's undead status or his new life murdering people very well. While seeing him hauled away for psychiatric evaluation at the end of Season 1 was scary, Joel could benefit from having someone to talk to, even if he can't tell them the whole truth.

3. Dr. Wolfe Needs To Return

Not only was Portia de Rossi a joy to watch as the chilly doctor, she also seems to know way more about what causes the virus and how many people are infected than she is letting on.

4. Abby Needs To Save Her Parents

Abby is prone to the occasional fear of failure, but she is the only one who can save her parents, and seeing her have a hero moment would be so satisfying.

5. Someone Else In The Neighborhood Needs To Find Out About Sheila

My vote goes to Joel's buddy Rick, but I'm not picky.

6. Eric & Joel Need More Bonding Moments

Eric needs a father figure and Joel needs a zombie expert, putting these two in the perfect position to help each other.

7. Novak's Grandmother Needs A Bigger Role

Yes, Abby and Eric need her bile to stop Shelia's deterioration, but she's also a funny character with knowledge of the Serbian lore at the core of the mystery.

8. The Virus Needs To Spread

I'm not talking a Walking Dead sized outbreak, but it would be interesting to see how Sheila deals with other zombies if they start popping up on the regular.

9. Joel & Sheila Need A Vacation

After Sheila's deterioration stops and Joel finds a way to convince his doctors he's not crazy, this adorable married couple need a vacation. The show shines the brightest when it's using Sheila's undead status as a metaphor for a mid-marriage crisis, and it would be fun to see the two away from Santa Clarita for an episode.

10. Eric & Abby Should Explore Their Chemistry

It may not work out, but these two are too cute together not to at least test drive a romance.

11. Garcia Needs To Pick Up Rick's Investigation

She's way too savvy not to notice just how weird her new neighbors are, or how jumpy her girlfriend's son is when it comes to discussing the Hammonds.

These are just a few of the reasons why I can't wait to return to the Santa Clarita Diet.