Why Sarah Herron Is Skipping 'BiP' This Season

Rick Rowell/ABC

Bittersweet news, Herron Heads: Bachelor in Paradise hero and philanthropist Sarah Herron has bid the Bachelor offshoot farewell, and it is due to a pretty terrific reason. Her excuse for not Paradise-ing a third time is, dare I say it, about as sweet as a Playa Escondida piña colada. On Thursday, the former Bachelor contestant confirmed on Instagram that she will not be joining her colleagues for another round of beachfront rose ceremonies, talking animals, and Chris Harrison’s one-man welcoming committee. So, why won’t Herron appear on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4? Because it looks like she is in a relationship, that is why. Cue the chorus of awwwws.

In the photo, Herron and a dude named Dylan Brown pose in front of a waterfall together. “Happily not returning to Bachelor in Paradise this summer,” she wrote. “#ParadiseFound #Sarahdise #adventurebuds ...but I will miss Jorge.”

Herron may not be the only one lamenting Bachelor in Paradise star Jorge Moreno’s absence: As Bachelor alumnus Ashley Iaconetti told Us Weekly back in January, the charming BiP bartender who took The Bachelor spinoff by storm apparently will not be on Season 4. Now, I don’t think Iaconetti is playing a practical joke on us, but I really hope Iaconetti is playing a practical joke on all of us. I miss Moreno already.

Ah, but I digress. Bachelor in Paradise Season 4, which premieres on Aug. 8, will not be the same without Herron. But hey, as much as I'll miss her, I couldn't be happier for her: Judging from this Insta-nouncement, it looks like she has no need for the Harrison-hosted dating program. It looks like she found love in a YOPO-less place. If you'd be so kind, please cue another chorus of awwwws.

Merry #Sarahdise-ing, Herron.