Sarah Hyland Defends Ariel Winter's Sheer Dress On Instagram

Tibrina Hobson/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland are celebrating the end of Modern Family with a wrap party and several heartfelt social media posts. In one picture on Instagram, Sarah Hyland spoke about their bond as on-screen sisters and IRL friends, while sharing their matching outfits: a ruched black mid-length dress for Hyland and a totally sheer, off-shoulder mini for Winter. Alongside the picture, she wrote, “11 years together is proof you and your tv sister will start wearing the same outfit, siblings for life will be made.”

Despite the positive nature of the caption, Hyland was met with several critical posts about Winter's look. It didn’t take long for commenters to write messages such as “A little too revealing…” and “lacks class. She’s too pretty to settle for that look.” Another even wrote “Why would you want to dress like that in front of a bunch of people who literally watched you grow into a young woman? It’s weird.”

Hyland quickly came to Winter's defense, writing in her own post comments, “She’s a sexy and confident woman. Everyone that is making a negative comment about my sister can back the f*** up because I will not tolerate it.” What’s more, she began to heart the more positive comments that were left, banding together with fans in support of her former cast mate.

Winter herself has yet to comment on the issue, but if history has any say in the matter, she’s going to take the high road and effortlessly rise above all those who seem to take such pleasure in negativity.