Sarah Hyland's V-Day Message To Wells Adams Will Make Fans Seriously Swoon

Rachel Murray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Sarah Hyland/Instagram

Alright, here it is: the celebrity couple post to which all other celebrity couple posts will be compared. Sarah Hyland's Valentine's Day message to Wells Adams will convince even the grumpiest romance grinches that these two are in it for the long haul. The Modern Family actor's words to her boyfriend of the past few months emphasize acceptance and partnership, and reading the caption on her photo will make your heart grow three sizes.

Along with a photo uploaded to Instagram on Wednesday, which shows Hyland and Adams kissing under tea lights, she advises followers to look for someone who isn't just infatuated with you, but respects you. Someone who sees you for you, and vice versa. Hyland wrote:

"Find someone who makes you laugh, who gives you butterflies every time they walk in a room, who supports you and recognizes your worth. Someone that sees you at your best when you think you’re at your worst. A partner and a best friend that encourages you to take those risks and pursue your dreams. Happy Valentine’s Day."

How adorable is that? Even if these two aren't your favorite couple, you can admit that this is incredibly healthy, right? This is the kind of post that almost anyone would be delighted to receive from the closest person in their life, even if it's not a romantic relationship. Even though Adams is a cutie for sure, the post is refreshingly clear of any reference to his looks. Instead, it focuses on his actions and what he brings to the relationship: laughter, support, and partnership.

Hyland talks about Adams being her best friend, and about the ways they stick together through thick and through thin, and you can just feel the respect and appreciation oozing through the internet airwaves. The post is just a pure celebration of the pair's love and support for one another, which has always been a big part of their social media presence.

It's not clear exactly when Hyland and Adams started dating, but they went public in October 2017 with a post revealing matching Halloween costumes, and they haven't slowed down since. Every time you turn around, it feels like one or the other of them has posted a new photo giving a glimpse into the relationship, and every glimpse is golden. These two make no secret about their love for each other, whether it's in post-red carpet trips to Taco Bell, courtside seats at the Lakers game, or in a photobooth showing off their ugly Christmas sweaters. They're as at home on the red carpet or in front of the TV in matching animal pajamas.

They post a lot, sure, but it feels less about showing off their relationship and more about just enjoying each other's company. After all, even the way they met was through mutual admiration. Hyland shared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that she'd seen and loved Adams on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, and that he was a fan of her work on Modern Family. They exchanged a few public tweets, and then, to quote the 27-year-old, he "slid into her DMs."

But even though lurking in someone's direct messages is a total trope, it sounds like Adams didn't do it in a gross way at all. He didn't play games, he just very directly asked Hyland out after some prolonged flirting. And she was into that. "This is really awesome," she recalled feeling toward Adams, "You're being very forward, and it's sexy and like not aggressive ... if you're like confident and sexy, I like that."

It seems that he was being confident and sexy, because the rest, as they say, is history. Hyland and Adams have clearly found happiness together, and it's happiness that they're excited to share with others. So either soak it up or get on out the way, because these two aren't shy about sharing their love on Valentine's Day or any other.