This 'BB20' Bromance Won't Survive The Next Eviction

Monty Brinton/CBS

It's obvious to all Big Brother 20 fans by now that Winston Hines and Brett Robinson are bros. They work out together, sunbathe together, cook together, and shower together. But current HOH, Scottie Salton, has come to throw a wrench into their bromance. The shipping manager from Illinois noticed that the pair were becoming a threat and decided to take precautionary measures. So when Scottie nominated Winston and Brett on BB20, they weren't happy about it.

To recap, the HOH nominated the pair for eviction on Sunday's episode, so they started out Wednesday's installment severely pissed off. And while Brett took a more level-headed approach when he sat down with Scottie, Winston went full-steam ahead and vaguely threatened him.

Indeed, the two men have a fratty, aggressive persona that has rubbed many viewers the wrong way. Winston in particular hasn't won himself a ton of admirers, and many people want him evicted from the house. As polkadottulip said on Reddit, "Brett and Winston didn't get a great edit. They did nothing to endear themselves to me. Yeah, Scottie's not my favorite either but calling him a dweeb repeatedly doesn't make me want to root for you either. If anything Scottie just proved that he's a better competitor than the two 'jocks' in the house. He's got 2 Ws under his belt and Winston and Brett combined have 0."

However, the show must go on, so Scottie, Winston, and Brett competed in the veto competition along with Tyler, Rachel, and Rockstar. The game? #MammaMiaMadness, where the contestants had to spin 15 times on a disco ball, run a small distance, and stack champagne glasses in a pyramid before their time ran out. Scottie won the competition (introducing America to some intriguing spinning techniques along the way), once again putting the bros' futures in his hands.

In a last ditch attempt to save their butts, Winston and Brett tried convincing Scottie to align with them and throw Kaitlyn under the bus. The HOH said he'd think about it, and come time for his veto announcement, the two buds were given a chance to say their piece. Winston's was short and to the point, while his handlebar mustachioed friend stood up and gave an absolutely iconic speech. "Oh, Scottie," he began. "Sweet, sweet Scottie. Your arms are large, like a honey-glazed ham. Your chest burly, like a big, big man. Your eyes, captivating, like the sea." He then proceeded to undulate his body and scream. "I just had a vision," he said. "You're supposed to take me off. Now is the time, Scottie. Take me off."

This schtick was certainly a dig at Kaitlyn, who claimed to have a prophetic dream about Scottie's meeting with Winston and Brett earlier in the episode. However, the live feeds proved that Bayleigh was the one who tipped the life coach off. Nevertheless, she seemed very proud of herself for "predicting their secret meeting," and Brett was obviously not a fan of her persona. But however creative his speech was, Scottie still elected not to use his power of veto, which means it's anyone's guess what will happen next.

So will the bromance be broken up on Big Brother? It was bound to happen eventually, and many fans would be happy to see the duo divided. After all, what is either Winston or Brett without his respective bro? If one of them is evicted tomorrow, maybe the remaining guy will learn to branch out a little bit, put on a shirt, and make some new friends. Or perhaps Sam will save the day with her "Bonus Life" power app, leaving the two bicep buds to bro another day.