Horny For Hygiene? Then Scrubhub Is The Site For You.


Need a reprieve from your regularly scheduled porn breaks? Move on over to ScrubHub, Pornhub's new handwashing website, for something extra dirty. It's here that you can let loose to videos of people washing their hands, squirting hand sanitizer, and babysitters going from filthy to fresh.

It walks like Pornhub. It talks like Pornhub. You can even scroll the homepage and search categories, like "babe" and "orgy." But this site was created in partnership with parody site, "Amazon Dating," and its aim is to raise awareness around the importance of handwashing to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Its "sexy" videos are also funny and informative, intended to get you hard for hygiene.

And anyone can sign up to be a "hand model,' just by submitting their own video. Famous porn stars, like Asa Akira, are joining in on the fun by walking users through their two-minute hand washing processes. And proceeds made through a donation button go straight to two COVID-19 relief organizations, Invisible Hands and Frontline Foods, which are helping those affected by the virus by delivering food and supplies. Can you say, "soapy, sudsy, steamy"?

"Over the past few weeks, the one thing that has been repeated by literally everyone – politicians, scientists, celebrities and athletes – has been the importance of washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water to protect against this virus," Corey Price, the vice president of Pornhub, shared in a press release. "We thought this presented a unique opportunity for Pornhub to bring some joy to something that has become so mundane and repetitive."

Unique is a choice word, sir. But don't worry, these videos are still totally NSFW — nice, soapy, fresh, and wet.