Sean Spicer Finally Met The Pope & Twitter Is Super Happy For Him

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A bittersweet and hilarious chapter of Donald Trump's presidency came to a close on Tuesday after news broke that former White House press secretary Sean Spicer finally got to meet Pope Francis. Spicer was famously not invited to join Trump at the Vatican in May, despite being the only practicing Catholic within Trump's inner circle at the time. The snub seemed harsh to many Americans, so the story came full circle when Spicer finally got his wish.

Most of the reactions on Twitter played off the perception of Spicer as a somewhat goofy but otherwise wholesome guy who got dragged into something much bigger than himself when he started working for Trump. That's not necessarily true — Spicer was the Republican National Committee's communications director for five years, so he's arguably somewhat responsible for getting Trump elected. Either way, his miserable performance as press secretary earned him enough of a reprieve that people seemed to be legitimately happy for him when he got to meet Papa Francesco.

The American people still seem to hold quite a lot of pity for the guy, given the reactions online, which might be the only way to escape the Trump administration with your reputation still intact. But no matter your feelings about him, these Twitter reactions to Spicer meeting the Pope are hilarious.

There Was A Lot Of Mockery

TrumpsTaxes on Twitter

Spicer's Nickname Made It All The Way To Italy Too

Matt Lipton on Twitter

He Obviously Needed To Atone For His Sins At The White House

Alt Fed Employee on Twitter

Wonder How Many Hail Marys He Had To Say For Penance

Paul Lander on Twitter

Papal Bushes > White House Bushes

TrumanCapote's Ashes on Twitter

Somehow Liberals Were Still Rooting For Him

Benjamin Howard on Twitter

He Just Seems So Pure

Mopar_Girl on Twitter

Even The White House Press Corps Was Excited For Him

Josh Dawsey on Twitter

Maybe There Is Some Justice In The World

Donald J. Trump on Twitter

It's Mostly Because People Didn't Want To See Trump Win

Fighting MF Dubya on Twitter

But This May Be A Valid Point Too

Aiden Wolfe on Twitter

You Know Frankie Is A Big 'SNL' Fan

Jess on Twitter

Francis May Have Been Just As Shook To Meet Spicer

Nia Virgo on Twitter

Some Hard-Core Francis Fans Were Jealous Though

Jeng on Twitter

Some People Didn't Have Time For It AT ALL

Nick Short 🇺🇸 on Twitter

It's A Really, Really Dim Bright Spot In A Dark News Week

J.E. Reich on Twitter

This Pretty Much Sums It Up!

Tony Posnanski on Twitter

Spicer's meeting with Francis is so refreshing because it has the same approximate plot as a rom-com — the girl has a dream and thinks she needs a man to help her fulfill it, starts to date a jerk, then breaks up with him and realizes she can live her dreams on her own. So even though you may disagree with his politics, it's still nice to see a happy, harmless ending. You go Spicey.