This Sean Spicer 'DWTS' Rumor Sounds Totally Bonkers, But Don't Rule It Out

Eric McCandless/ABC; Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Following his official resignation on July 21, rumors are swirling that former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer may soon be joining Dancing With The Stars. In arguably the most ridiculous news to come out in recent months, Page Six is reporting that DWTS is currently courting Spicer to compete on the reality dancing competition. However, a rep for the show told Bustle, "We do not confirm or comment on casting rumors. We’ll be announcing our season 25 cast closer to our premiere date, September 18." This means, you'll have to wait to find out the truth, but it also means it's not entirely impossible.

The news seemingly began as a joke initiated by actor Zach Braff, who shared his wishes for President Trump's former spokesperson, tweeting, “Can’t wait to see Sean Spicer waltz on Dancing With the Stars” after last Friday's resignation. But on Wednesday, a source for Page Six claimed that DWTS has actually reached out to Spicer in recent days about joining the upcoming cast. Again, there's no confirmation from the show itself, so take this with a grain of salt. (A rep for Spicer could not be reached by Bustle at the time of publication.)

Still, if any portion of this proves to be true, it stands to become the most bizarre casting in the history of DWTS. It'd be far better if someone contacted Melissa McCarthy to see if she's available to fill Spicer's (dancing) shoes, as she's done during the Saturday Night Live skits where she hilariously mimicked the spokesman as "Spicey" for his past six months. She would — just as she has on SNL — likely be far more amusing on the ballroom floor than Spicer himself.

Since his resignation, Spicer has reportedly been in talks with several networks about a possible career in political commentary, where he could potentially share insider info on the current U.S. president. After being spotted coming out of meetings with several television in New York City, sources reportedly told Page Six, "Some news execs made the full-court press,” while other have “just kicked the tires,” in an attempt to hire Spicer.

Could Spicer finally find his happy place with DWTS? Though it's currently unclear, Twitter lit up with some of the most priceless reactions to the rumor. One user shared his personal assumption of Trump's jealousy.

While another helped update Spicer's résumé for the new job.

This person felt that the gig could prove to be an upgrade from his last one.

While it remains to be seen whether or not Spicer competes for DWTS's coveted mirrorball trophy this upcoming season, it does sound like the resignation won't be the last that we'll see of him — at least in some capacity.

And if the DWTS rumors are true, here's hoping his foxtrot is far better than the all of the dancing he did around press' questions while serving under the president.