Selena Gomez Teases A 'Wizards Of Waverly Place' Reunion & It Sounds Like A Real Possibility

In a world full of reboots and revivals, I can't help but wish all my old favorites would get the revival treatment. Meanwhile, Selena Gomez's discussion of Wizards of Waverly Place reunion got my heart a-pounding... even if it was a statement probably in jest. On Saturday, Jan. 7, Gomez spent some time with her former WOWP co-star, David Henrie, who played Justin, the brother of Gomez's character, Alex Russo. She shared the intensely nostalgic fun with fans via her first Instagram story, and it might just bring a tear to the eye of any lover of the popular Disney Channel comedy.

The two squabbled just as they did from 2007 to 2012 when they played young wizards trying to do the sibling thing without hexing each other too badly. But the best part, because it awakened a hope within my soul, was when Gomez suggested, "David, I think we should do a reunion." Then she asked the camera, "Should we do the reunion, guys? Should we just bring Wizards of Waverly Place back? I think we should." You can't hear my 17-year-old self (who totally only watched WOWW when babysitting little kids, OK?) screaming in the video, but I assure you, it happened...and it was totally loud enough for Selena Gomez to hear.

The two old friends discussed where they thought their characters would be in their lives if there were to be a reunion. Gomez insisted that "Alex is for sure single" which Henrie agreed with stating, "She's still trying to find herself. She's now like 25 and she's still trying to figure things out." But still Gomez wanted it to be clear that even if her character is behaving like any normal 20-something she's also no slacker arguing, "You know what, she's killing the game, that's what she's doing!"

Not only is the idea of a reunion enticing, it was also nice to see how far Gomez has come since she magicked her way into our hearts in WOWW. She's no longer a pre-teen about to hit it big. Now she has hit it big and is simply riding the wave. Henrie was, of course, certain to remind Gomez of her one-time innocence claiming, ""For the record, I made her Twitter. I told her what Twitter was. She couldn't even say Twitter."


Sure Gomez and Henrie were simply teasing each other (and also the fans) and there isn't definitely going to be a Wizards of Waverly Place reunion, but it also doesn't seem out of the question. After all, as Currie shared with fans, he still has his magic wand from the show... so "Justin has the power!" Let's hope Justin uses his power to conjure up a reunion.