Sephora Just Dropped New Skin Care Products & Everything Is Under $20

While online shopping can become second nature, there are just some things that just have to be bought in-person. For a lot of people, skin care is one of those things. Sephora Collection’s new skin care line has officially launched in stores, and testing out products that leave skin feeling soft, hydrated, and plump has never been more fun.

The easy-to-use products are a new line in Sephora’s in-house collection. In January 2019, the collection was sold exclusively online, but now customers can test and try it in stores. The beauty megastore currently offers other skin care products such as nourishing clay masks, cleansing foams, and even SPF-infused lip balms. Sephora's new additions, however, include four different skin care products all focused on hydration.

To keep skin hydrated this season of heavy windchill, fans can try Sephora’s All Day Hydrator, Nourishing Moisturizer, Brightening Eye Cream, and Clean Skin Gel. Plus, every item in the bunch is under $20.

According to a press release from Sephora, all the products in this line are approved on the brand's "Clean at Sephora" list, which means certain unwanted ingredients are removed. Additionally, products that meet the list will feature a green check when shopping online.

“[The products are] free of parabens, silicone, mineral oil, palm oil, methylisothiazolinone, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, allergens and photosensitive ingredients,” the press release stated.

Skin hydration is a must-have for all skin care lovers. Thankfully, Sephora Collection's new skin care products are already available to try and buy in store and online. Here's everything beauty fans can expect from the new line.

Nourishing Moisturizer

Sephora's Nourishing Moisturizer is just that. The product is $16 and helps repair skin damage while preventing premature aging by eliminating tightness from dry skin. The Nourishing Moisturizer is made for skin-sensitive users. Using three featured oils — avocado, marula, and rosehip seed — the Nourishing Moisturizer contributes to healthier-looking skin. This item is like rich hydration in a jar, but minus the greasiness.

Brightening Eye Cream

Waking up with a set of dark circles is where Sephora's Brightening Eye Cream swoops in saving lives and under eyes. The cream costs $16 and nourishes and hydrates the skin to remove puffiness, signs of early aging, and of course, those dreadful raccoon eyes.

This eye cream combines hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin and caffeine to address puffiness.

All Day Hydrator

The All Day Hydrator is another $16 moisturizer in this lineup, but a lot less heavy. The light-weight formula helps to keep skin moisturized while also building it up with nutrients for it to shine with a natural glow.

The hydrator also uses hyaluronic acid, but in tandem with vitamins C & E. A moisturizer like this one is formulated to keep skin radiant and to retain moisture.

Clean Skin Gel

The most inexpensive item in Sephora's skin care collection is the Clean Skin Gel, setting you back $10. This gel cleanser is ideal after long-day makeup wear. Although the cleanser removes all of the day's sins away from the skin, it tones the face without stripping away any natural moisture.

Not only is this launch its own hydration station, it's super affordable. Now that this collection has officially dropped in stores, more Sephora fans can shoot their shot to achieve radiant skin.