Sexy Discounts And Freebies For Lover's Day

by Emma McGowan
BDG Media, Inc.

You all have heard of Valentine’s Day, of course, but did you know there’s another day that celebrates love? That’s right — April 23 is Lover’s Day and it’s perfect for all of you who didn’t get enough of that sweet, sweet loving in February. Like Valentine’s Day, the origin of Lover’s Day can be found in a Catholic saint — St. George, to be precise. According to legend, St. George killed a dragon and a rosebush grew from the ground where its blood fell. St. George then picked one of the roses and gave it to a princess to remember him by. So gruesome and sweet, amirite?

In honor of St. George’s chivalry, Spaniards give each other roses on April 23. It’s traditional for men to give roses to their wives, girlfriends, moms — any women in their lives. And, traditionally, women give their lovers books, although these days the book giving can be for any gender. (The book part comes from the fact that both celebrated author Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare died on April 23.)

But if you’re not in Spain — or even if you just want a sexier way to celebrate Lover’s Day — here are four Lover’s Day deals from awesome sex companies.


Unbound Is Offering 25 Percent Off

My favorite sex-positive shop Unbound is offering two special deals for Bustle readers. Use the code LOVERSDAY25 for 25 percent off anything on the site and LOVERSDAYHIPHIPHOORAY75 for an additional 75 percent off anything in their warehouse sale. There shop includes everything from vibrators to blindfolds to lingerie (including super cute plus size stuff!) to feminist gear — I challenge you to not find something great.


Wicked Sensual Care Is Offering Free Lube

Need a little more slip ’n slide for your playtime? Wicked Sensual Care is offering free lube for all US residents. The gift is a gift pack of six travel-size packets, including salt caramel and cinnamon bun flavored lubes, AQUA water-based lubricant, and ULTRA silicone-based lubricant. Just visit their website on Sunday, April 23 to get your gift!


SKYN Condoms Is Offering 30 Percent Off, Plus Free Shipping

SKYN has put together a “Lover’s Special” for Lover’s Day. The package includes a 12 pack of SKYN Original Condoms, SKYN Maximum Performance Lubricant, a:muse His & Her's Pleasure Massagers, and a SKYN branded make-up bag. The usual price is $40.99, but they’re offering it for $28 just for Lover’s Day. Oh, and they’ll also throw in free shipping.


Babeland Sale

Babeland is like the way cool older aunt of sex toy companies — she knows all the things you want to know but were too afraid to ask your parents and too embarrassed to ask your friends. She’s also got an excellent sale section, available any time of year, but I’m including it here because you’ll definitely find some great sexy toys to share on Lover’s Day, at a fraction of the price. And — bonus! — you’re supporting a woman-owned sex toy company. What’s better than that?

So happy Lover’s Day, lovers! Go grab those deals before it’s too late!