Shannen Doherty & SMG Are Friendship Goals

by Allie Gemmill
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you need to see a strong example of a supportive female friendship, look no further than the friendship between '90s queens Shannen Doherty and Sarah Michelle Gellar. On Friday, Doherty wished Gellar a happy birthday on Instagram and her caption for the adorable throwback photo was the sweetest thing ever.

Doherty didn't wait for Facebook to notify her that it was Gellar's birthday on Friday. Instead, she took to her Instagram to write a long and heartfelt birthday message to Gellar, her favorite Aries. "Happy Birthday @sarahmgellar I'm posting this pic because of the pure joy and fun, I am clearly having in your presence," Doherty wrote. "From the moment we met, you embraced me, supported me and stood fiercely by my side. Never a moment of insecurity or feeling threatened between us. Instead, you only rooted for me and lifted me up," she continued, likely referencing Gellar's strong and fervent support of Doherty while seeking treatment for her cancer.

Doherty capped the warm birthday wishes to her bestie with a celebration of what she loves about Gellar:

You are that woman that walks in a room and lights it up ... not only with your smile, but with your confidence, humility, intelligence and sense of ease. Naturally, you are an Aries!!! I love you. I'm proud of you. I also want you to come home now so we can celebrate!!! Happy birthday beautiful friend. You deserve the moon and more.

Uh, did someone cut some onions? Because I'm definitely getting teary-eyed at all the love up in here.

Just a few weeks ago, Gellar was detailing her admiration of Doherty to Entertainment Tonight. "Shannen's incredible," SMG told ET. "What she's done for other women going through it is... so brave, and that's what real bravery is, is to go through the hardest part of your life and show people, it's OK to be scared, and it's OK to be vulnerable, and you can do it."

The bond between two amazing ladies is so great to see. I'm in awe of these two women respectively, but watching them come together to support one another and wish each other nothing but the best is legitimately #FriendshipGoals.