Shannon Opened Up About Her Breakup On ‘Real Housewives’ & Twitter Was In Her Corner

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

A lot of topics were discussed during the first episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion for Season 12, but nothing stood out as much as Shannon Beador opening up about her breakup. Amid the name-calling and rehashing, she was very raw and honest about her relationship. The other cast members and the viewers at home couldn't help having a strong, emotional reaction to Shannon's story, and her pledge to set a good example for her daughters about what they deserve.

All season, Shannon and David Beador have been struggling in their marriage, and it was clear that she was trying so hard to make things work so she could keep their family together. So of course, Andy Cohen was going to ask Shannon for an update on their relationship at the reunion, but no one was prepared for Shannon's candid response.

She admitted, "This season has been very, very painful. It was hard for me to watch. At times, I feel pathetic. I think that you can tell more about my relationship with David in the scenes that I'm not with him rather than the scenes than I am with him. When I look back and watch it, I was taking the pain that I was trying to mask. As I look back, I was trying to convince myself that everything is okay and I took it out on other people. I apologize to anybody that I did. That's not the person I am."

Shannon couldn't help crying while she spilled her truth. And several other people in the room looked like they were about to.

Then, Shannon confessed, "I knew this day was coming and I thought that I would be prepared, but David and I are not together anymore. Five weeks ago, I moved into my old place. It's not what I wanted and it's really, really hard."

As sad as Shannon is that her relationship is over, she is taking this tough situation and turning it into a learning opportunity for her family. The mother of three explained, "I'm a mom and I'm a role model for kids. It got to a point where I wasn't teaching my daughters positive lessons, so they deserve a happy and joyful home. That's where we are."

Shannon opened up even more about the end of her marriage and the moment it was officially done. She shared, "I did have a conversation with him at the beginning of the summer that I just couldn't keep living this way. For months, he lived in a separate end of the house. It was like I was living with a stranger."

It gets even worse though. Pretty much anyone with a heart wanted to leap through the television screen and hug Shannon after she said, "I'm just going to be honest. We went on a trip to Hawaii, which I kind of hoped would bring everything together. He left the trip early and when I came home he said we're done." Wow.

As heartbreaking as that sounds, Shannon admitted that she and her ex talk every single day for the sake of their children. She said, "It was always a tradition to go for Sunday night dinners, so we meet him for dinner on Sunday nights. We still go to the SC games and take the kids, which is hard, but it's for the benefit of the kids." Shannon is such a strong person to go through all of this in such a public manner and up for these family events just weeks after the breakup.

Of course Shannon's BFF Tamra was holding her hand and trying to comfort Shannon while she talked about the split, but Shannon's longtime rival Vicki had the most emotional response and that was actually pretty shocking. To be fair, Tamra was probably in the know about these details and Vicki just learned about the breakup for the first time at the reunion.

Vicki admitted, "I'm sad about this because I didn't know. I thought they were doing really good. If I was responsible for any of it, I feel awful." Shannon told her, "You are not the person that caused David and I separating. There were issues in our marriage from the beginning." This is a far cry from the Shannon who blamed stressed caused by Vicki for her weight gain. She is accountable for her own actions and she is all about being honest and moving forward.

Still, it is so sad that Shannon and David are separating after renewing their vows last season. The Housewife said, "It's just very difficult to go from the highest of the high that you could even imagine and now I know what a good marriage is supposed to be. I know what it's like when someone looks at you adoringly and cares. All of a sudden that gets taken away."

Shannon shared another devastating detail. Her husband couldn't even join her in reflecting on the good times they did have. "I said to David when he told me it was over, 'What happened? We had a couple of amazing years,'" he said. "And he goes, 'We had a couple good months.' It's a just a knife in your heart." It certainly is. Was there really a need to kick the woman while she was down? Hasn't she been through enough already?

During the reunion, Vicki told Shannon, "You've got a bunch of ladies that are going to be here for you." Shannon agreed saying, "I do and I'm very grateful. I'm blessed."

The cast members aren't the only ones who have Shannon's back though. The RHOC viewers had a lot of love for her during her confession and they shared some kind sentiments and emotional reactions on Twitter.

She Kept It Real

No one ever expected Shannon to share that much. You can't help rooting for Shannon after all of that.

She Dealt With A Lot This Season

There is no doubt that Shannon had her toughest season yet. She's become a somewhat polarizing figure in this cast, but she's been put through the ringer.

David Leaving The Family Vacation Early Was Shocking

This had to be so devastating to Shannon and her family. This revelation was another moment where it felt like Shannon could use a big, warm hug.

Vicki Really Felt Shannon's Pain

This definitely felt like a genuine reaction from the OG of the OC.

Watching Vicki Get Emotional Over Shannon Getting Emotional Is Emotional

This fan was definitely not the only one crying during the reunion episode.

Shannon & Kelly Need To Be BFFs Next Season

Shannon and Kelly have had a crazy past, but they have such a fun dynamic when they're actually getting along right now. A single ladies best friendship with Shannon and Kelly definitely needs to happen next season.

It's Time For The Old Shannon To Return

As difficult as this split is for Shannon, it might end up being the best thing to ever happen for her. Good days are around the corner, girl.

The Fans Want The Best For Shannon

This is how pretty much everyone feels. The whole fandom just wants Shannon to be happy again.

Even Shannon Cried Watching The Reunion

Aaaww, Shannon! She is definitely one of the most authentic Housewives and there is no doubt that she will come out of this situation with some newfound strength.

Now that Shannon has shared her story, she can start to move on to her new normal and be an even better role model for her three daughters. During the reunion, Shannon said, "It's heartbreaking for the girls and I. It's not what any of us wanted, but it is my job now to show the girls I'm scared at 53 years old. It's the first I have to stand on my own, but I can do it and I'm going to teach the girls a lesson through all of this."

It seems that every RHOC fan is looking forward to seeing Shannon bounce back next season, stronger and happier than ever before.