Should You Change Your Skin Care Routine During Your Period? Knours Customizes Your Skin Products To Your Menstrual Cycle

Periods have a habit of throwing a wrench into things, whether that's making your pants uncomfortably tight thanks to the bloating, to running havoc on your skin thanks to the hormones. But there's one brand set on making that whole endeavor a little easier, particularly in the skin care category. Knours customizes its skin care to your menstrual cycle, helping you stay glowy and blemish-free throughout the whole month.

While not everyone breaks out when their hormones spike or fall, some people do, and it creates a frustrating cycle of constantly battling back acne. But when you treat your skin the same every week without taking into account its changes, it's no surprise that what might work for most of the month goes haywire during your period. Understanding that, Knours entered the market to give hormonal acne battlers some options.

While there are already a few skin care lines available that try and tackle pimples that pop up thanks to one's period, Knours is different in that it wants to sync up with your own specific cycle. By doing so it can recommend which products in their collection would be best for you, as well as when to use them. In order to do that, it comes with an app called U-Kno, which will have you input your cycle dates and answer some questions about your moods throughout the month, preferences, and how your skin changes throughout the weeks. Having all that gathered, it will then analyze which personalized products would be best to use depending on when your flow hits, when you're ovulating, or when your hormone levels start dropping again.

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Not only will the app provide you with tailor-made skin care recommendations, but throughout the month it will also give you tips on how to weather your cycle in the best and easiest way, as well as give you beauty and skin care information from dermatologist and beauty experts that is backed by extensive research. It's providing a whole new way to jump into skin care — it's not just a cleanser purchase, but a whole educational experience.

The skin care collection itself comes with eight different products, giving you a nice selection to choose from. They range in price point anywhere between $6 to $48 and even come in bundled options, depending on what you want to focus on. For example there's a nourishing package or a hydrating set, and they come with a discount. To give you an idea what is available, below are some of the options.

Your Only Cleanser



This cleanser comes out as an oil so it can help wipe away your makeup and grime, and then transforms into a foam as you start buffing it into your skin, giving you the best of both worlds.

In-bed Cleansing Wipes



For those days on your period when you have low energy and can't be bothered with an elaborate skin care routine (or even washing your face,) these wipes are here for you.

Skin Meditation Gel Cream



A soothing gel that will soothe temperamental or inflamed skin, this is perfect for when you start seeing your hormonal acne pop out. It's made with 98 percent natural ingredients, so it's great for people who are trying to stick to only organic or natural products.

Sweet Enough Rescue Mask



Made for those days when your skin needs a treat, this mask is infused with honey, which is meant to restore and deeply hydrate.

Double Duty Mist



A toner that's perfect for those days when your skin is feeling dull and tired, it's formulated to address two different complexion needs. First, the bottom layer contains aloe vera water to calm and soothe, and second, the top layer has jojoba oil and botanical extracts to nourish and moisturize.

One Perfect Cream



This moisturizer is hoping to become the only lotion you'll need for your skincare routine, replacing the bevvy of different bottles that might be cluttering up your bathroom cabinet. Not only does it moisturize, brighten, and hydrate the skin, but it also has restorative properties to help keep your skin healthy and fresh.

If your hormones wreak havoc on your skin, Knours just might be able to help.