These Are The Major Signs That Raven & Adam Are Still Together After 'Bachelor In Paradise'

by Kayla Hawkins
Paul Hebert/ABC

Who would have thought at the beginning of Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 that Adam Gottschalk, one of the least interesting men in Rachel Lindsay's low-drama cast, would be the one to sweep Raven Gates, Nick Viall's runner-up, off her feet. But that's the beauty of Paradise: It makes for totally unexpected and surprisingly successful unions. But are Adam and Raven still together after Bachelor in Paradise? All signs — and all reports — point to yes, this couple is still looking to make it work outside of the confines of Paradise. According to Us Weekly, Raven and Adam are still dating, and, according to the magazine's unnamed sources, there's a chance things could be getting pretty serious — but take anonymous sources with a grain of salt of course.

"A source tells Us that the duo is happily dating and have enjoyed romantic weekend getaways together. Another insider shared that the Arkansas native’s parents met her new beau and the couple plans on going to Dallas soon to meet Gottschalk’s parents," Us Weekly claimed. While the stars certainly can't confirm they're at the meeting the parents stage before the season even ends, there have been a few clear signals that they've stayed close after the show.

Both posted travel shots in San Francisco at around the same time — and while they may have been promoting Paradise at the time, both posted posed photos — and who's a better, more patient photographer than a doting boyfriend and/or girlfriend? When you can't spend time together without fans seeking spoilers, a promotional tour can be the perfect cover to hang out more. They also celebrated Raven's birthday together, and think about it: Would you really want an ex at your birthday zoo trip/celebration and extravaganza? Even one you were on good terms with? Of course not. That's current boyfriend behavior. I mean, even look at their poses, they're almost identical. They may be trying to send a coded message audiences' way with this.

Raven has even posted a photo canoodling with Adam Jr., and if there's anything that is a more generous and selfless act of love than putting up with that creepy mannequin from Rachel's Bachelorette season, I can't think of it. It's also a pretty funny, silly picture idea that probably wouldn't occur to someone who wasn't still charmed by the doll-owner. More evidence, however circumstantial, suggesting that Raven is still in love with Adam, and that the two are still pursuing a relationship together.

But while the couple is pretty clearly still together, there's no reports that Adam and Raven are engaged, or even planning to get engaged anytime soon. While other Paradise couples have chosen the show's finale as the perfect time to take that step, perhaps Raven and Adam would just prefer to take things slow — according to Us, they initially started dating during the filming hiatus that was a result of the temporary production shutdown. But even with that additional two weeks together, the couple are practically still strangers. It's pretty unlikely that after a vacation of just a few weeks — and time split between getting to know one another and dating other people — that any couple is ready to get engaged.

So, even without a ring, if you've been hoping that Adam and Raven will stay together after Bachelor in Paradise Season 4, it sounds so far like you're in luck — this couple still seem enchanted by one another.