There Are Some Serious Clues Out There About Raven & Adam's Status

Paul Hebert/ABC

Ever since the cast of Bachelor in Paradise was announced, fans have been rooting hard for Raven to find love this season. After all, she totally deserves it after having her heart broken on Nick's season. And after going on a not-so-great date with social media influencer Robby, fans were hoping that someone else would show up to sweep the southern beauty off her feet. Well, Adam from Rachel's season arrived, and the two had great chemistry on their first date. But are Raven and Adam still dating after Bachelor in Paradise?

In Paradise, things move so quickly that it can be easy to get caught up in the romance of the moment, and not fully process the realities of dating in the real world. There is a long list of Paradise couples who couldn't make it work without the magic of Mexico's ocean breeze and Jorge's cocktails. But Carly and Evan's magical wedding and pregnancy announcement, and the recent birth of Jade and Tanner's daughter (aka Baby Janner) has given fans hope that love in Paradise can last in the real world too.

But will this be true for Raven and Adam? Though we've only seen them on one date so far, Raven gave Adam her rose, a sign that she's interested in continuing a relationship with him. The two seemed to have the kind of chemistry that could sustain them through a relationship off-screen as well as on. Yet, unlike their fellow cast members Robby and Amanda, Raven and Adam have yet to be spotted out together IRL. But social media sleuths have still uncovered some evidence that the cute couple might still be together.

First of all, there's the fact that Adam just posted this adorable pic from their date on his Instagram:

He even tagged her Insta handle in the pic. Even if this isn't a concrete sign that the two are still together now, it definitely shows that they are still on good terms. It would be super weird for Adam to post this picture if they had a bad breakup.

Then there's the fact that both Raven and Adam attended Bryan and Rachel's engagement party in Dallas. Though there isn't a picture of them together, they each posted a picture posing with the happy new couple:

Adam even hints that there was "love in the air" during the party — even though this is explicitly a reference to Rachel and Bryan's recent engagement, it could also totally be a sly way of admitting that he and Raven are still a happy couple. After all, the fact that they were both at this party proves that the two are at least still able to be around each other. (That's more than can be said for Rachel and Peter. Too soon?)

Now, if we're getting even creepier (which we are) another set of pictures on Instagram provides the most compelling proof yet that Radam is still a thing Back on July 23, Raven posted an adorable pic of herself feeding a zebra at a place called Malibu Wine Safaris:

Then, only three days later on July 26, Adam posted a picture of himself feeding a giraffe at, you guessed it, Malibu Wine Safaris:

This is proof that Raven and Adam are hanging out outside of Paradise, since Malibu Wine Safaris is located in, you guessed it, Malibu. This looks is pretty solid evidence that Adam and Raven are still a thing.

And if all of that wasn't enough to convince you, it looks like Raven is hoping that fans will support her new relationship. During Monday night's episode, she tweeted:

That sounds like someone hoping that her relationship will be received with love from fans once she ventures out into the real world.