Let's Talk About That Freak Accident On 'How To Get Away With Murder'

Mitch Haaseth/ABC

How To Get Away With Murder has been teasing one big dead body reveal since the beginning of Season 4, and during the fall finale, it finally happened — Simon was shot on How To Get Away With Murder, and it was a big-time tragic, freak accident that may have took his life (we still don't know if he's dead or alive!).

Michaela, Laurel, and Oliver have been deep in an attempted takedown of Laurel's father's company, Antares. They're using Michaela and Oliver's staff positions at law firm Caplan & Gold (aka the firm that represents Antares) to do it, and it was all going fine enough until they decided to involve Simon, their law school classmate and mortal nemesis. The plan was to try and steal all the files on Antares and blame it on Simon, but bungles were made and plans were changed, and it all culminated in Michael, Laurel, Oliver, and Asher, who joined this thing late in the game, discussing how they were going to frame Simon for the intrusion into the firm's files. Too bad that Simon walked in at that moment, and he's all, "what are you framing me for?" Then, he snatched Laurel's bag and her gun, and in a scuffle between Michaela and Simon to try and grab the gun, it went off, striking Simon in the head. There was blood everywhere — on Michaela and Laurel and the walls of the office. I don't need to say this, but this is not good.

I don't know if these people are evil geniuses or just evil (I'm running toward the latter), but instead of freaking out about Simon potentially dying, Michaela went into crisis mode. She sent Laurel away (her father would know something was up if Laurel was found in the office), told Connor to leave, put the gun back where it was supposed to be, and then went upstairs and very theatrically screamed bloody murder. It was a grade-A performance, if I do say so myself. There was an effort to save Simon at the hospital, but, as they showed in the episode's final minutes, Simon was on the operating table, and his prognosis was not looking good.

Personally, I feel terrible for Simon. We learned in the last episode that Simon was a DACA arrival, and if he got into any sort of trouble, he'd be deported from the country. Why the Keating Five (or however many there are now) decided to persecute this guy, I'll never know. Don't you have a heart? A conscience? Sure, Simon was a jerk, but he didn't deserve this end. And without Simon, how will Michaela and Laurel's plan work? They were planning to put all of the blame, from stealing Michaela's boss' key card to illegally accessing the Caplan & Gold servers, on Simon. They need a scapegoat, or else the plan won't work. Where do they go from here?

There are plenty of other problems — Asher was arrested for the shooting; Dominick, Laurel's dad's assassin/henchman, was waiting outside Laurel's apartment, probably for Laurel; and Laurel went into premature labor in the elevator of Annalise's hotel. The baby? Breathing. Laurel? Not so much. How To Get Away With Murder doesn't return until January 18, 2018, and until then, the show's fans (including myself) have a lot of waiting to do. Two whole months nearly, waiting for the resolution of all of these loose ends! If I know How To Get Away With Murder, they'll solve some of these issues and add ten more into the mix. We'll just have to wait and see!