Super Simple Snapchat Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween — my favorite holiday — is almost here, which means it's time to start thinking about your costume. In 2017, the options for epic Halloween costumes are endless. If you want to take your virtual life mainstream, these easy Snapchat Halloween costume ideas are perfect for bringing your inner unicorn out in the open. Snapchat is sort of like an everyday digital Halloween costume, and it's kind of a bummer that you can't walk around looking like a unicorn every day. I mean, no one says you can't, Lady Gaga does it all of the time, but it could be frowned upon at work.

Bring your social media self into the real world for one night only by dressing as a Snapchat filter IRL. From unicorns to puppies to butterflies to deers, these DIY costume ideas are super simple, and lots of fun to put together. One of the best things about the internet is the endless opportunities to watch videos. You can learn pretty much anything, including how to create amazing Halloween makeup worthy of countless snaps so you can post a picture of yourself on Snapchat wearing a Snapchat Halloween costume, which is totally Black Mirror.

If you plan to dress up as a Snapchat filter, you'll definitely be in good company. In 2016 the popularity of Snapchat inspired Halloween costumes rose 1,500 percent from 2015, according to ABC News. The other big Halloween trend includes a departure from guts and gore and a move toward pop culture costumes.

"Snapchat costumes fit into both of these trend categories, as they're a fun way for people to try something new in terms of glammed-up makeup but also feel very relevant and of-the-moment with their costume," Larkin Brown, a researcher for Pinterest, told ABC News.

Check out these easy and creative Snapchat inspired Halloween costumes worthy of 1,000 selfies.

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1. Rainbow Filter

Custom Body Art Rainbow Face Paint, $7, Amazon

Let nothing but rainbows of love come from your mouth this Halloween when you dress up as a Snapchat rainbow filter. All you need is makeup for this super easy costume, and you can get all the tips for creating your perfect rainbow mouth from this tutorial.

You'll need: Custom Body Art Rainbow Face Paint set from Amazon for $7 and you've got an epic Snapchat Halloween costume for less than $10.

2. Deer Filter

Wolfe Kids Animal Face Painting Kits, $7, Amazon | White-tailed Deer Headband, $11, Amazon

Create your deer filter Halloween costume worthy of countless snaps by following this Snapchat deer makeup tutorial.

You'll need: Animal face-painting kit like Wolfe Kids Animal Face Painting Kits for $7, and this Wildlife Artists White-tailed Deer Headband for $11, both from Amazon.

3. Butterfly Filter

Butterfly Hair Clips, $5, Etsy

Emerge from your cocoon as a beautiful Snapchat butterfly for Halloween 2017. This butterfly make-up tutorial will have you looking like an effervescent creature worthy of flight, and many, many snaps.

You'll need: Your own make-up, and a butterfly hair clips from Etsy, starting at just $5.

4. Galaxy Filter

SHANY All In One Harmony Makeup Kit, $34, Amazon

Channel your inner David Bowie by following this Snapchat galaxy filter makeup tutorial for Halloween 2017.

You'll need: The SHANY All In One Harmony Makeup Kit from Amazon for $34 This glam makeup kit has every color and texture you need to glam rock your heart out this Halloween.

5. Glitter-Glam Lion Filter

Silvercell 12 Colors Face Paint Oil, $17, Amazon

Let them hear you roar like Katy Perry for Halloween 2017 by going as the Glitter-Glam Lion Snapchat filter. Follow this makeup tutorial to unleash your inner queen of the jungle.

You'll need: Silvercell 12 Colors Face Paint Oil from Amazon for $17 to make your face into a work of art that will make you queen of the Halloween jungle.

6. Flower Crown Filter

Vivivalue Flower Wreath Headband, $12, Amazon | SHANY All In One Harmony Makeup Kit, $34, Amazon

Crown yourself with flowers and venture out for Halloween 2017 as the flower crown filter from Snapchat. Follow this makeup tutorial for a flawless floral inspired look

You'll need: The Vivivalue Flower Wreath Headband from Amazon for $12 to top your head with a bouquet of beauty, and the SHANY All In One Harmony Makeup Kit for $34 to create an ethereal glow.

7. Dog Filter

Silvercell 12 Colors Face Paint Oil, $17, Amazon | Floppy Puppy Dog Ears, $6, Amazon

Honor your best four-legged friend, and create a costume that will garner tons of likes by going as the Snapchat dog filter for Halloween 2017.

You'll need: Silvercell 12 Colors Face Paint Oil from Amazon for $17 will have you looking cuter than an Instagram puppy. Add this Floppy Puppy Dog Ears Alice Headband starting at $6 from Amazon to finish the look.