Katy Perry Goes Wild in Official "Roar" Video

After releasing a fad-following emoji-themed lyric video, Katy Perry has debuted the official music video for her new not-"Brave"-by-Sara-Bareilles-song "Roar." And, surprise, surprise, it's pretty much everything you'd expect from a Katy Perry video — bright colors to supplement the insanely upbeat track, a hot albeit self-obsessed dude, product placement (a Nokia phone in this case), and Perry herself, of course, running shit. Clearly she's sticking to the norm, which is good since it works so well for her.

The video itself is pretty Tarzan-esque, if Tarzan was set in a jungle owned and operated by Walt Disney. In the video, Katy arrives in the wilderness with her self-obsessed hottie partner, who is too busy taking selfies on his NOKIA PHONE to pay attention to what is actually going on around him.

This worries Perry, and turns out, with good reason: he's attacked by a tiger moments later, the poor guy. Perry runs, and all seems hopeless — but, after nearly becoming crocodile chow and finding herself covered in tarantulas, Perry rises from the figurative ashes that is her life, and becomes queen of the jungle over the tiger who is still digesting her boyfriend. She also makes friends with a tiny little monkey, and they proceed to take selfies together on her dead boyfriend's NOKIA PHONE, because of course.

You can check out the video below.