Skin Care March Madness Is A Thing & It's Glorious

If you're gearing up and getting teams in order for traditional March Madness, then you might also be interested in playing a different type of game. Maybe something a bit more... beauty related? If so, take a look at the genius idea behind the March Madness skincare and beauty tournament.

According to founder Stephanie Williams, the fun idea came to her in the midst of storm Stella. While she was snowed in and completing her NCAA brackets, it occurred to her how great it would be if there existed some kind of competition for skincare products.

"Even though I'm pretty wise to how products are marketed to consumers, oftentimes I will walk into [beauty stores] feeling completely overwhelmed by what's out there and generally will just pick whatever is being subliminally marketed/displayed to me or what the sales girls are told to push," she says. "With everything that's out there, it's time to judge who really rocks it based on merit."

The tournament, which is styled after the Big Dance, allows players to cast their ballots on three different social media platforms: Tumblr, Instagram, or Twitter. Currently, the polls are open for the "cleanser" region through March 18. Brackets for moisturizers, sheet masks, and serums will also be published this week, allowing players to choose their favs.

Williams looks at each product's strengths and what "they bring to my personal skincare game." Think along the lines of packaging, versatility, ease of use, application, scent, texture, ingredients, etc. "I started 'seeding' cleansers, serums, sheet masks, and moisturizers based on what's top rated at, then started imagining myself adding color commentary to how different products were matched up." (So cute, right?)

The brackets are open to everyone of all skin types, since Williams has made it a point of seeding products that are compatible with all skin types — even sensitive skin.

The cleansers are currently live on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. And if it does well, Williams hopes to keep going beyond March. "I'd really like to eventually focus on unknown skincare brands to help them get exposure outside," she says.

In the spirit of March and all things "brackets," I'd say it's totally worth a try.

Images: Instagram/theskincarebrackets