People Are Convinced Obama Won Trivia HQ & Twitter Is Having A Field Day

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The good news: Our beloved ex-pres, Barack Obama, is apparently using his time as non-POTUS still being a boss. The bad news: it might be at the cost of your HQ Trivia ranking, because people on Twitter are convinced that Obama won HQ Trivia last night.

For those who don't know: HQ Trivia is a game show phone app (only to be played if you have a decent amount of self esteem at a given time, TBH...) created by the guys behind Vine. It's been on iOS since last year, but just came to Android this month. The host, Scott Rogowsky, broadcasts from New York at 9 p.m. Eastern time every day and 3 p.m. on weekdays and asks twelve multiple choice questions, each with three possible answers.

All players online at that time who get the questions correct within the 10 second limit move to the next round, while losers are eliminated. The players that correctly answer the final question split the prize money, which is $2,000 for most games, but has been as high as $18,000. It's apparently attracted over 1 million concurrent players. Basically, it can ruin your life.

The questions are no laughing matter either — yet people have somehow legitimately won stuff on there. And last night, one of those players was President O??

That's right — after Wednesday night's round that saw 91 people win big, a player bearing the username "Obama" came out of the woodwork and walked away with $21.98 in winnings. All players online were puzzled. Could it be that the former leader of our nation was now spending his days sitting around, probably a glass of cognac in hand, laughing at the suckers he was beating in trivia??

The thought of why Obama could have been even on Trivia has Twitter buzzing:

The guy who thinks this will Make Game Shows Great Again

The girl who thought it was for romance

The girl who knows this is the ultimate indicator of competency

I mean, he beat thousands of other people already...

The girl who thinks Obama should take Scott's job

Looks like Scott's in hot water!

The girl who is SMH-ing at POTUS being good at a lot of things

Can we say, unfair? (As this author hasn't even tried to touch this app, knowing she will epically fail in the first round.)

The girl who sees she can actually blame Obama for something real for once

She's just casually referencing everyone's favorite meme.

The girl who thinks this could start shiz with actual POTUS

A trivia showdown would be better than an IQ test, let's be honest.

The girl who knows having the same interests as Obama is a pretty good thing

The girl who wants to know if it's him, for God's sake!

This would be a great HQ Trivia question.

And the girl who's just done with life:

Seeing as it's a possibility Obama needs some extra cash now that he isn't salaried and living it up in the White House, this made me wonder: how do presidents get new jobs once they stop being, ya know, president? How do they send out resumes and make more money? Wouldn't going in for interviews be kind of weird?

RECRUITER: Thanks for applying to be one of our new insurance agents. You don't have any previous insurance selling experience though. So tell me, what did you spend the last few years doing?

XPOTUS: Ya know, I sat in an office — it was Oval-shaped, very nice — and I made a lot of public appearances at important events, and I traveled and visited a lot of countries, kissed a lot of babies. Let's see, I also signed a lot of Executive Orders, I was at the head of two successful campaigns, and I'm very good at speech giving —

RECRUITER: You said, speech giving, sir?

XPOTUS: I mean, yeah, someone else wrote them, but...

RECRUITER: So you did not actually write these speeches?

XPOTUS: No, but I had some great ideas. Ideas on how to change the country —

RECRUITER: Oh. (laughs) Well... that's what a lot of our employees say they have too... I guess we'll hire you.

I guess previous presidents didn't technically have normie jobs either. Maybe Obama does have time to sit around and remind us why we will always love him, even if our pockets are a little less filled.