Sophie Turner Just Trolled Joe Jonas On Twitter By Revealing Her *Favorite* Jonas Brother

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It was only a matter of time before the Jonas Brothers' Disney Channel days came back to haunt them, but for them to haunt their marriages takes things to a whole new level. On August 31, the most recently married-in J-Sister Sophie Turner trolled husband Joe Jonas on Twitter with a clip from their 2010 show Jonas. In the clip, the brothers are replying to fan mail and Kevin responds to one of his fans who happens to be named Sophie.

"Dear Sophie," Kevin says aloud while writing. "Yes, we really are brothers, and you are right, I am the cutest. Love, Kevin." @1wordsentences on Twitter shared the scene and tagged Turner. "Omg was Kevin @SophieT’s favorite all along?!" the account owner wrote. Somehow, among the hundreds of mentions Turner likely receives daily on social media, the tag caught her attention, and she responded.

"The truth is out," she wrote. "Sorry @joejonas." Joe responded with a shocked emoji, nothing else, and the replies to that tweet exploded. One fan account responded with a GIF of the brothers' infamous coffee table-flipping video with the caption, "Oh how the tables have turned." Another account responded with a GIF of the iconic Jasmine Masters meme, "And I OOP," which was the perfect response, really.

One person considered what Kevin's wife Danielle Jonas' reaction may have been to Sophie's tweet. In reality, she probably thought it was hilarious.

As funny as it would have been, it's very unlikely that the Sophie Kevin wrote to in Jonas was based off of Turner. According to an interview she did with Harper's Bazaar UK in March, she and Joe met in 2016 when, out of the blue, he sent her a direct message on Instagram. Jonas wrapped filming in 2010, so she wasn't even in the picture then.

Regardless, this silly banter is only more confirmation of what fans already knew: Joe and Sophie are adorable, and they don't take life, or themselves, too seriously. From their arm wrestling matches to her funny birthday post for him on Instagram ("Happy Batday Birthman," she captioned the photo.), it's nice to see that none of that has changed since they tied the knot on May 1.

Their Vegas elopement that was held prior to the formal ceremony in France definitely matched their personalities, too. Their dog wore a matching tuxedo with Joe, per People, and an Elvis impersonator married them because, why not? Diplo was also there, and he filmed the whole thing, which became kind of controversial when Joe said the secret was ruined by him. As it turns out, the two were just exchanging fake shade for the fun of it.

If the married couple do plan to keep trolling each other like this, though, they're going to be in for some stiff competition. Everyone knows that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are the king and queen of celebrity couple online trolling, and they're seasoned veterans at this point. Perhaps Joe and Turner have been taking lessons.