How To Get Sophie Turner's Lit 'GoT' Wedding Look, Because Nuptials CAN Be Fun

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Over the weekend, Game of Thrones lovebirds Kit Harington and Rose Leslie tied the knot. Naturally, quite a few of their co-stars were invited to the traditional British wedding. While most A-listers donned conventionally floaty dresses, Sophie Turner's outfit at Kit Harington and Rose Leslie's wedding caused a stir on social media.

Not a bad one, mind. The 22-year-old — who plays Sansa Stark in the beloved series — arrived wearing a bright red blazer (complete with lace-up sides) worn over the top of a simple black dress. Instead of the usual elegant wedding heels, Turner chose thigh-high black boots by Louis Vuitton, finishing her stand-out look with a checkerboard box bag by the French brand. She did appear in a Louis Vuitton campaign, so what else would you expect?

Although her outfit wouldn't have looked out of place front row at a fashion show, Turner's sartorial decision prompted rounds of applause on social media, and Twitter users couldn't get enough of the unorthodox choice.

"When your friends have a traditional wedding but you’re fashion as hell and not gonna hide it," wrote fellow famous person Anna Kendrick. Others also praised the outfit of GoT co-star Maisie Williams who arrived with Turner wearing a chic black jumpsuit, red heels, and a stripy clutch.

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"I'm obsessed with the fact that @SophieT and @Maisie_Williams not only matched outfits for Kit Harington & Rose Leslie's wedding but also decided to dress like they were going anywhere but a wedding," tweeted another fan.

Turner and Williams certainly did stand out next to the other guests. Khaleesi herself — otherwise known as Emilia Clarke — arrived showed up in a leaf-printed dress and pink coat accessorised with sophisticated Dior heels. Richard Madden (RIP Robb Stark) also earned considerable attention, thanks to his donning of a traditional Scottish kilt.

The bride and groom obviously looked lovely with Leslie choosing a lacy white dress and veil for her big day in Aberdeenshire.

Turner's look may not have screamed wedding but what really does in these modern times? Yes, florals and pastel-coloured maxi dresses will always be linked to weddings but that doesn't mean you can't try something new. A shorter dress doesn't necessarily mean you won't look great and there are plenty of other prints — aside from florals — that you can experiment with.

Of course, Turner is reportedly likely to be the next cast member to get married thanks to her fiancé Joe Jonas proposing last October. I can only hope for something just as unique for her wedding dress.

If you'd like to take a leaf out of Turner's book, here are a few lewks you can try out the next time you take on the role of wedding guest:

Go on and bend the rules. You know you want to.