'Southern Charm's Shep & Craig Are Now Movie Stars... Sort Of

Paul Cheney/Bravo

You can now call Shep Rose and Craig Conover movie stars — well, if you want to use that term loosely. Southern Charm's Shep and Craig are in a movie with Bruce Willis, Shep announced on Instagram Tuesday. "I've been asked to be in a film starring Bruce Willis (seriously)," he revealed on Instagram next to an image of himself and Miss USA 2012 Olivia Culpo, who is also in the movie. He continued, "I play an ambulance driver with an attitude. Born for this role (except the empathy and life saving skills)."

The movie is called Reprisal, and, yes, it does exist. According to IMDb, the film is described as follows: "A veteran looks to raise money for his son's healthcare by teaming up with another vet to track down criminals." Based on an Instagram posted Wednesday from Shep, he plays "paramedic #2" aka "Mike Williams."

As you can see below, Shep is very excited about his role. "This is paramedic #1 @imbrianwolfe Although I'm technically driving and carrying an iPad. I don't know. Just seems a bit inconsistent," he captioned an image of himself in the driver's seat of the ambulance. He also revealed that he only has one line and it is: "When is the last time she ate?" Let's hope he can remember it.

As for Craig, he is portraying a cop named "Officer Duran." If you want to see the Southern Charm stars in action, Shep was kind enough to post a video (below) on Instagram. It's not a scene from the actual movie, but it is a cute and funny video. That said, they might need to work on their acting abilities. They're seen running and trading their props (a pair of scissors and a gun) with the biggest smiles on their faces. They are clearly having a blast. It's good to know the two are getting along after that Season 4 reunion, where they clashed heavily.

Here's hoping Shep and Craig share a scene together, because that would make all of this so much better.

How the heck they scored parts in a movie remains unclear at this time, but it is definitely happening.