You Can Buy Your BFF A Motivational Wine Bottle Now

Speak Wines

Friendship is perhaps the most important force in life. Having good friends is essential for getting through the tough times, and celebrating the great moments of life. But sometimes you want to give your friend an extra little treat when the going gets tough. You could go for flowers or chocolates or something reliable, yet unoriginal. If you're looking to treat your friend to something more out-of-the-box, these wines bottles with motivational sayings from Speak Wines are a perfect way to cheer up a BFF who's feeling blue.

According to its website, Speak Wines was founded by two friends named Stephanie and Kerry who appreciate the simple pleasure and healing nature of enjoying a glass of wine with your best friend. The product begins with the actual wine, the quality of which the duo pays extra attention. All the wine is sourced from Argentina, as "The extraordinary characteristics of the Argentinian wine regions include high altitudes in the Andean foothills, excellent sun exposure with moderate temperatures, and pristine mountain water for irrigation. Because of this, the grapes result in a prized fruit that has long been recognized as the highest-quality." From there, the wine is bottled and each package is embellished with a message the founding duo believes will speak to customers on a personal level.

While the site specializes in all sorts of occasions, from weddings to Mother's Day to New Years, it has a ton of great selections for your BFF — be it to motivate them, cheer them up, or just let them know you're thinking of them. Here are some of the cutest ones.