Spice Girl Sneakers Are Now Available In The US, So Get Ready To Zig-A-Zig-Ah

It's time to go down into your parents' basement and dust off the cardboard boxes that are filled with your Spice Girls trapper keepers, posters, and plastic pencil pouches because the girl band is back together and gearing up to go on tour again. And while you're mentally preparing yourself to bring back plastic mini skirts and body glitter to pay homage to the girl group (Rihanna already has us covered on the latter,) there's one more thing you can buy to bring that girl band touch to your wardrobe: Spice Girls sneakers. They are officially back and ready to take over the sartorial scene.

These aren't your imitation platforms that fashion insiders have seen take over Topshop stores and ASOS web pages for years now. These are the real-deal, did-I-see-Sporty-Spice-wearing-that-in-Spice-World sneakers. And that's because they are released by Buffalo London, the official shoe outfitter of the '90s pop group.

Buffalo London has been out of the public eye until very recently, following the likes of Teva, Tommy Hilfiger, and Champion with their '90s-to-the-millennium comeback.

Tapping into the nostalgic aesthetic that both Millennials and Gen Z have embraced, the brand has decided to relaunch its Spice Girl platform sneaker style, and they have been setting the stage for their reintroduction since late 2017 by collaborating with top labels like Opening Ceremony and Comme des Garçons. For example, if you paid attention to Fashion Month, you probably spotted the clunky platform sneakers at Opening Ceremony's Disneyland runway show. Those were courtesy of Buffalo London, acting as the perfect fresh accent to the Mickey Mouse streetwear line.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

“We are translating the Nineties spirit to the new generation with new faces, to address a young, urban audience looking to discover the latest trends,” Alexandra Preusche, one of Buffalo London's lead marketers, told W.W.D. “Each style will be exactly the same — we didn’t change any of the designs, we wanted it to be the iconic shoes. From the Nineties to today, the materials get a little better.”

For the first time ever, the shoes are now available in the United States. But these shoe styles won't be around for long — that brand will drop special-edition styles each month, which means once they sell out they're gone for good.

In February, they relaunched their Classics style, which was issued in both a high- and low-top design.

The Classics come in a Timberland-like tan color, and they will set you back around $200, making it a higher-end purchase. It's not the same price as a Spice Girls folder, but it will give you the same amount of joy.

The high-top version gives a more clunky effect, as it wraps around your ankles and almost gives you a cast-like look. While that might sound intense, it's actually a really playful and '90s-centric look.

To give you an idea how to style the high-tops and how they would look on an actual foot, you can scroll through Buffalo Island's Instagram and check out some of their campaign photos, like the one below. As you can see it's a throwback silhouette, but dressed up in a very modern way.

The low-tops are a little more subdued, as well as cheaper. They would be perfect to wear with cropped mom jeans or contrasted against a dress.

If you're not wild about the color, all you have to do is wait. Between not and July, there will be four more limited-edition drops, giving you a variety to choose from. But if you love a style, don't sleep on it — there's no telling when this Spice-Girl-approved brand will make another nostalgic line.