This 'Hocus Pocus' Halloween Collection Will Set Your Wallet Amuck, Amuck, Amuck

Listen up, my fellow witches: In the Year Of Our Spook 2017, we all got excited about the rumors of the Charmed reboot, and with good reason. The power of three will abso-freaking-lutely set us free. But in all of our excitement, we let yet another trio of powerful witches fall to the wayside. Never ones to be upstaged, your girls Winifred, Sarah, and Mary are reclaiming the spotlight with Spirit Halloween's exclusive Hocus Pocus collection, which is essentially a spooky '90s baby's dream come true.

It has been a full 24 years since the Sanderson sisters were resurrected on an ill-fated Hallow's Eve, but they remain so iconic that it feels like it happened yesterday (or maybe we all just followed their leads and stole a bunch of children's souls to maintain our youth — no judgment, no judgment). Although those 24 years have all but flown by, they mean something very important for all the OG Hocus Pocus fans: We're all old enough to drink some real witch's brew, and have officially been #blessed by the Hocus Pocus wine glasses in this line to prove it.

While that's the product I'm personally most revved about, fans will also delight in costumes for each Sanderson sister, decorative pillows, keychains, and even decorative signs. I'm not saying that I'm going to put them up in my apartment all year round, but I'm not not saying it either. (What? If they come back the next time some dopey kid lights the wrong candle, I feel it is in all of our best interests to be prepared.)

Hide your kids and prepare your wallets, because it's about to get all Hocus Pocus up in here.

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Adult Winifred Sanderson Costume

Spirit Halloween

Casual, just me on my way to resurrect my cheating lover and get my spellbook back from a snot-nosed kid.

Adult Winifred Sanderson Costume, $50, Spirit Halloween

Adult Mary Sanderson Costume

Spirit Halloween

Warning: costume comes with enhanced sense of smelling children.

Adult Mary Sanderson Costume, $50, Spirit Halloween

Adult Sarah Sanderson Costume

Spirit Halloween


Adult Sarah Sanderson Costume, $50, Spirit Halloween

Note: The costumes also come in tween sizes, and all three Sanderson sisters have wigs available for separate purchase as well.

Binx Is My Boo T-Shirt

Spirit Halloween

Honestly, whose boo wasn't Binx in the '90s?

Binx Is My Boo T-Shirt, $17, Spirit Halloween

Sandersons Sister Raglan

Spirit Halloween

The original squad goals if there ever was one.

Sandersons Sister Raglan, $20, Spirit Halloween

Hocus Pocus Mystery Figures

Spirit Halloween

The whole gang is here, but you won't know who showed up to the party until you open up this package and see for yourself — when you order one of the mystery figures, it could be any one of these nine characters. They're all oddly adorable, though, so win-win-win.

Hocus Pocus Figure Blind Pack, $8, Spirit Halloween

Hocus Pocus Decorative Pillows

Spirit Halloween

This one is the Mary Pillow, but you can also get a Sarah Pillow, a Winnie Pillow, and a Binx Spell Pillow to match. Your couch just officially became the spookiest one on the block.

Mary Pillow, $20, Spirit Halloween

Sanderson Sister Mug

Spirit Halloween

Hey, there's a fourth Powerpuff Girl now! It could happen!

Sanderson Sister Mug, $10, Spirit Halloween

Stemless Sanderson Sisters Glass

Spirit Halloween

Honestly, I am not interested in drinking wine out of a glass that isn't this one for the entirety of my life. The glitz! The glam! The unrepentant fictional murder! ... OK, scratch that last part, maybe, but this is classy AF.

Stemless Sanderson Sisters Glass, $7, Spirit Halloween

Hocus Pocus Mini Glass Set

Spirit Halloween

It almost feels like this movie was made for its quotes to be put on shot glasses. Spooky dreams really do come true.

Hocus Pocus Mini Glass Set, $15, Spirit Halloween

Hocus Pocus Doormat

Spirit Halloween

I understand that this is for Halloween, but truly, this sentiment is evergreen and this doormat is the best investment you could ever make.

Hocus Pocus Doormat, $15, Spirit Halloween

View the entire exclusive Hocus Pocus collection on Spirit Halloween's website — just make sure that your wallet doesn't run amok, amok, amok!