Spotify's New Audiobook Series Is About To Make Music Superfans Swoon

Karl Walter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In exciting news for music fans, Spotify are adding a series of musically minded audiobooks to its streaming service. Bloomsbury Publishing have signed a deal with Spotify to make the cult 33 1/3 book series available as audiobooks, which users will be able to stream directly from the site or the app. Excitingly, Spotify's music audiobook series will land on the streaming service in the summer and the collection is vast; given there's so much to pick through, these are the titles you shouldn't miss.

For those who don't know, 33 1/3 is a series of slim books beloved by music buffs, with each text focusing on one individual and typically cult album. The title refers to how many times an album-length vinyl rotates on a record player in one minute: 33 1/3 rotations. The books offer critical reflections, stories about the making of a record, or something more creative, such as John Darnielle's take on the Black Sabbath album Master of Reality, which takes the form of a novella about a man being held on a psychiatric ward, attempting to recover his confiscated Walkman containing a tape of the album.

There are 131 books in the series, with takes on Patti Smith's Horses through to Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and new books are regularly being added to the roster. The series kicked off with critic and musician Warren Zanes' personal take on the Dusty Springfield album Dusty In Memphis. While the content of the series is wonderful, there's certainly scope for it to become more representative; women and people of colour are seriously in the minority in the present list, and their work deserves the same critical attention as their male counterparts.

The list as it stands still features plenty of talented artists with fascinating stories, making it perfect for easy listening during the summer heat. These examples are the cream of the crop, and are worth downloading as soon as the series lands.