You Can Buy Starbucks' Golden S'mores Coffee In Grocery Stores Now


What if you didn't have to wait until there was a camp fire to enjoy the melty, gooey indulgence that is the glory of a s'more? What if you could have it first thing in the morning and in the comfort of your own kitchen? The Starbucks Golden S'mores Coffee brings summer's beloved dessert to your kitchen, first thing in the morning, and without having to swat any mosquitos from your face.

The unofficial start of summer is observed on Memorial Day weekend. With the turn of May 27 is the arrival of s'mores everything. The limit of how many graham cracker marshmallow and chocolate sandwiches you can stuff into your face does not exist. I repeat, does not exist. And now we are living in an era in which we can consume these heavenly summer sandwiches in more than just the traditional sandwiched way.

You don't even have to wait until Memorial Day Weekend to get summer started at home. Starbucks Golden S'mores Coffee is available on grocery store shelves right now, available in both K-Cup and Ground Coffee options. Per the Starbucks website, "The classic campfire treat comes to life in our lightest-roast coffee with notes of toasted marshmallow, graham and milk chocolate." A s'mores sandwich in a cup, with notes of crackers and chocolate, is all I want before the day heats up. But just as summer can't last forever, this new coffee flavor is only available for a limited time.


Thankfully, we're just at the start of the season, so there's no reason to bolt out the door. The Starbucks Golden S'mores Coffee and K-Cups are available in grocery stores now; you can use the product locator on Starbucks' site to check for availability. And if you can't take a chance on going out and finding them in the real world, they're also available on Amazon — six 11-ounce bags of the Starbucks Golden S'mores Coffee retails for $57, and a six-pack of 10 K-Cup Golden S'mores Coffee pods retails for around $54, both of which are available on Prime.

The good news? You'll have a milk chocolatey, marshmallowy cup of coffee in an instant. The better news? You'll get to enjoy these flavors of summer's favorite sandwich without having to get your hands all sticky.

In case you missed it, Starbucks celebrated this graham cracker delight in another way earlier this year. The Starbucks S'mores Frappuccino found its way back into stores in April, and is available while supplies last. It hits all the key points. A marshmallow-infused whipped cream. A milk chocolate sauce. A creamy, blended Starbucks Frapp. And all topped off with a graham cracker crumble. If you didn't think you'd like s'mores chilled, think again. It truly already is summer at Starbucks.

If you're not the outdoorsy type but certainly are the melted chocolate and marshmallow eating type, you're in luck. No longer is it a necessity to entertain a camping trip. Thanks to Starbucks, the flavor of s'mores can be brewed into your favorite coffee mug, in your own kitchen, any time of the day.