Stephen Colbert Spoofed Trump's North Korea Summit Movie Trailer & It's A Sight To Behold

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/CBS

On the most recent Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the host took the Trump administration to task for the strange video it played before the president's North Korea press conference. The highly enthusiastic video depicted images of what North Korea could potentially look like in the future, should it choose to end its international isolation. On the Late Show, host Stephen Colbert spoofed Trump's North Korea summit movie trailer, with some pretty hilarious — and perhaps unnerving — results.

The late night host joked that Trump's original video "shows Kim that peace brings all of the incredible riches that stock footage can provide." He added that these stock footage "riches" include "delicious food, drone delivery, slides, speedboat races, unlimited babies, and monster jams."

However, Colbert noted that he believes there is room for improvement as far as Trump's video is concerned. Indeed, the late night host criticized the president's video for its repetitiveness and over-reliance on sunrise images, among other things. Colbert also decided that he could do better — and treated audiences to his own Trump-Kim movie trailer, entitled, The Summit of All Fears: Mission Kimpossible II: Singapore Drift.

Toward the beginning of Colbert's trailer, images of Kim are played onscreen as a narrator ponders what path the North Korean dictator will take in the future:

Definitely Pictures presents the story of a man who dared to dream, to laugh, to wave at lube ... Two paths lay before you. Will you choose a better future? Prosperity, innovations, waterslides. So much food you won't know what to do with it ...

The trailer then introduced Trump and asked, "Can two powerful men forge the bond that brings world peace?" However, the narrator then unexpectedly added, "And lose their virginity before prom?"

As Smash Mouth's "All Star" began to play in the background, the increasingly complex plot of Colbert's trailer was unveiled:

This summer, love goes nuclear! Will you shake the hand of peace? Will you massage the ankles of history? Will you slam dunk the ball of destiny? And how many sunrises will it take?

Colbert's trailer wrapped up by noting that the "film" would be starring Kim, Trump, and a special gust star, Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren.

The late night host enthusiastically shared his North Korea summit trailer on Twitter on Tuesday night. In his tweet, the host described the supposed creative process behind the making of his trailer, writing,

We really want to convince Kim Jong-Un to make the right choice. So we had our best editors go through the finest stock footage and huff the best ether to create an even more compelling trailer ...

Some on social media responded quite enthusiastically to the late night host's alternate trailer. One user, @LaurieVolkmann, commented that it was "a waaaaaaaaay better trailer." Another Twitter user, @annmariechez, wrote, "Hilarious. I needed this laugh!"

Colbert wasn't the only one to poke fun at the Trump administration's original video with some fun of his own. On Tuesday, The Guardian's chief film critic, Peter Bradshaw, wrote a review of the trailer and ultimately characterized it as "boring." As Bradshaw noted:

The point of any film’s trailer is to whet the audience’s appetite ... Is this what A Story of Opportunity does? We’re getting sold an exciting action-adventure in which the good guys (America) convince the bad guys (North Korea) to come over to the side of decency. But it could be more like Wag the Dog ... about cynical politicos who concoct a big foreign sideshow to distract everyone’s attention from problems on the home front. At any rate, it looks weirdly boring.

Overall, it's clear that the Trump administration's North Korea video inspired some impressive comedic analyses from others, including Colbert. One wonders if Trump or Kim will ever watch Colbert's unique cinematic vision.