Seeing Sterling K. Brown With His Kids Is Like Watching An Episode Of ‘This Is Us'

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This Is Us fans know he plays an amazing dad, Randall Pearson, to two adorable daughters in the NBC series, and the same can be said in real life. Based on his many Instagram posts, you can tell just how much Sterling K. Brown loves his children. The Emmy winner is father to two sons, 6-year-old Andrew and nearly 2-year-old Amaré.

Brown can't help but post photos and videos of them. It's one of the many ways the 41-year-old actor showcases his love. One day, they are going to be old enough to appreciate their dad (more than they probably already do) for his amazing talents as an actor and look back at all the times they spent together through his photos.

Until then, it's Brown who is praising his boys. If you take a scroll through his Instagram, you'll quickly notice that, like his wife Ryan Michelle Bathe, Andrew and Amaré are his world. In October 2016, he wrote next to a selfie of himself and his sons, "Everyday, I get to come home to two of the most beautiful boys God has seen fit to bring into existence! Whether at work, or at home, I'm surrounded by love!"

That's pretty much how all of his Instagram captions read involving Andrew and Amaré.

Brown clearly has always loved them immensely and tried to be the best dad possible, but starring in This Is Us has changed Brown as a father, specifically when it comes to the way he talks to his kids. "I do tell them a lot more stories, yeah," he told the Los Angeles Times in January. "I find myself telling [Andrew] stories about my dad who passed away. Then every once in a while we'll be saying grace, or we'll be praying, and he's like, 'Don't forget to pray for your dad.'"

He added about Andrew, "I do talk to him a lot and try to let him know where he came from, everybody he's connected to, because all of our family is in the Midwest. It's nice for him to have a sense of who his family is. I do it, probably need to do it even more."

Based on the following Instagrams, it sure seems like the American Crime Story actor is doing more than fine as a dad. Let's just say both Randall and Jack Pearson would be proud of Brown.

He Admires Their Dance Skills

He has some future stars on his hands.

He Loves Dressing Them Up

Can you imagine his Halloween costume?

He Admits When He Needs A Vacation

Hey, at least he's honest.

He Takes Father's Day Seriously

And for several important reasons, as you can see here.

He Feels Nothing But Joy

Andrew's dance skills are on point.

His Youngest Is The Perfect TV Partner

The only way to watch This Is Us.

They Take The Sweetest Pictures

The cuteness is real.

This Photo Says It All

This quote is everything.

In addition to all of his posts, here's what he told Fatherly in September after being asked, "How do you make sure your children know you love them?" He answered:

"I say it as much as possible. Sometimes my son will catch me staring at him and say, 'Daddy why are you looking at me like that?' I say, 'Buddy, I just love you. Seeing your face just makes me incredibly happy. So thank you for being here.' He’ll say, 'You’re welcome daddy. I love you too.'"

Not only does he love his boys, but they seriously adore him. It's like watching an episode of This Is Us unfold.